Anything wrong with hanging Antibacterial on your LV?

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  1. Quick question I was curious to how many of you ladies hung one of these on your LV bags? I currently have it on my Delightful and a friend of mine told me I shouldn't do so because it could damage my leather etc if it were to spill. Also she thinks since it's a LV it looks tacky, like it should be on a backpack or something. But I am a germophobe and love to have it close. I currently have it hanging on the gold ring on the side of my Delightful. Any thoughts on this?

  2. I agree with your friend -- would be afraid it might leak onto the bag.
  3. i personally dont think it looks great hanging off the bag, Maybe clip it to your D ring inside the bag as a nice alternative?
  4. I agree - inside, not outside.
  5. Its a bad idea to even use this stuff when handling a leather bag. The sanitizer uses alcohol and dehydrates the leather/vachetta which can cause it to chip/peel/discolor. I also think it looks out of place on the monogram. But thats just my humble opinion.
  6. I would not hang it outside my bag, nor would I keep it in my bag unless it was wrapped or stored in something waterproof. I keep individual folded wipes wrapped in foil inside a zipped pouch.
  7. Just my own opinion, not intended to have a gorgeous piece of well crafted "art" need to dangle some garrish dime-store thingy off of it. It's akin to wearing a designer dress with dollar store flip flops.
  8. Lol, there's no right or wrong here but personally, I won't do this. I do agree that it looks somewhat tacky and not matching the overall look of classy chic. I'd probably put a cute little fragrance sachet (dry) inside the bag instead. Not sure about the antibacterial properties though :smile:)
  9. It screams out ima germaphobe lol hide it inside the bag why not just get a regular bottle and put it in a make up back or something?
  10. Lol ps is that a another bottle of anti bacterial stuff in the background on the desk lol that's funny...cute dog btw!!
  11. I wouldn't risk damaging my bag with anything liquid unless it's in baggie of its own.
  12. I understand about the idea of being clean, but I would personally keep it inside the bag and only take it out when I need to use it. Tbh, I think it is even harder to use when it is attached to the bag like that. Just my two cents :smile:
  13. personally i think it is very tacky and is wrong for a LV bag
  14. Add me to those who don't like the way it looks. I feel the same way about hair clips on bags (be it a designer bag or one from Target)... those things should be placed inside.
  15. This will stain - even with overtime. It leaves dark stains. I know from experience. :crybaby: