Anything worth going to the outlet for?

  1. Anybody been to the COACH outlet lately? I haven't been to the outlets in a while, so I'm thinking that a trip is order. Is there anything absolutely fabulous there? :confused1:
  2. I'll be visiting the Outlet in Vegas next week so can report in what's in there. There's always hordes of people there, lineups... So there must be something good to get!
  3. They have lots of Ergos right now, if you like the totes and hobos. Also seem to have a lot of the old Soho flaps and wallets.
  4. Nothing worth talking about in my outlet. Mine's not a signature outlet, so they have lots of Hamptons book totes and ergo bags. Also, small goods, dog collars, wallets, wristlets. I went in looking for a make up case and they didn't have any. So I left without buying anything for the first time in a long time. Mine did have some nice suede fall jackets for around $250 though.
  5. The outlet closest to me (Atlantic City) is always hit or miss.

    I have seen huge leather bags there in good colors such as black or brown totally marked down. And I have also seen times where they have a lot of ugly plaid stuff that never made the shelves in the regular stores.
  6. As I always say... There's ALWAYS great stuff at the Waikele outlet. I never want to leave emptyhanded (but I manage to). But obviously the majority of you all are across the ocean from me. Our outlet has regular leathers, signature, Legacy, accessories, men's stuff, coats that just sit on the rack because none of us in Hawaii need them, Ergos, etc.
  7. You're so lucky!!!!! I wish to be there right now :girlsigh:

  8. Hehe. It was worse when I was living at home and the outlet was practically in my backyard, across the golf course!! And now, it's still only about 20 minutes away and I visit my parents almost every weekend. I'm wanting to go back either tonight or this weekend to see if they got in any citron (or crossing fingers for pond) Legacy items...!! Or more rose items!! I absolutely LOVE that color...

    Oh yeah, they also have white and yellow optic items, including the shoulder tote, right now... I thought the white one was really nice, but I refrained... I only need one white bag to keep clean!!
  9. Oooh Maya stop it.. you're really making me :drool::nuts: here!!! Good luck finding the legacy.. and post pictures!!! :graucho:

  10. Well, I just bought the white Ali and rose Legacy flap last week so I'm not guaranteeing I'll be buying anything, even if I do find something in citron or pond... but if I do, I'll definitely post. *lol*

  11. WOW but i LOVEEE plaid! if i go to AC sometime soon, ill remember to check it out!