Anything Strange About Nordstrom Selling a Spring '06 Bag?

  1. Nordstrom had this bag tonight: Soft Calf Classics' Tote <C361007> in Nutmeg, reduced from $1095 to $434. It was a return (obviously!), in nearly perfect condition. I know it's a good deal, but is it strange, unusual, or irregular that Nordstrom is selling such an old bag? Just wondering if there's anything wrong with this.
  2. I don't think so. Since Nordstrom will take back anything, anytime...especially if you have the receipt and tags, I am sure these older bags pop up occasionally. I wish a Resort 06 Topaz Stam would show up!
  3. ITA w/ rorosity. this is how some tPF members have scored such awesome deals lately.

    however, I couldve sworn at Saks the other day I saw a black blake w/ grey interior suede.Isnt that from the Resort 06 line? and this is what the serial tag said too. Why would Saks be selling older versions? they were full price, too. Confused
  4. It could be that Saks had it in stock and put it on the floor. When I was in Saks NYC this past Summer I bought a White Chiffon Stam from Resort 06. It was the lone one on the shelf and the only one left in stock. It either was sitting on the shelf unsold for a very long time (hard to believe) or they found it and put it out...maybe a return? I think it is odd they are selling something that old for full price, though. My Stam was full price.

    Nordstrom is where you get those great deals on older bags. I don't get a chance to search the sales tables often enough to find those great deals, though. I wish had the time to really search. Some of the deals I read about on this forum are awesome.
  5. ^^ thanks rorosity for your input. I dont have a lot of experience buying anything at Saks and I had asked the SA if the bags were a return. She said she just got them a month ago. I didnt notice the black Blake last time I was there, which was just about a month ago. I was half tempted to ask her to ring it up to double check :upsidedown: