Anything similar to gabin 140

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  1. Hi I really want a pair of cl I think everywoman should own a pair, my problem is I can not walk in them. I owned a pair of black gabin 140 3 years ago the black leather with woodblock heel
    I deeply regret selling them as even though I still found them high because of block heel I could walk from a to b

    I think the have done a bibi Similar

    Is anyone in the same situation and has a wide foot and not wery good past a 85 heel recommendations please

    I wonder if I would be better with a boot more support
  2. The first style that comes to my mind is Miss Marple.

    I don't own Bibis but I've heard/read they're pretty difficult to walk in.
    Even with a thicker heel 140mm is always 140mm if you're not good with anything over 85mm. Have you tried any wedge style on?

    Anyways, here's a short list of wedges/thicker heel CLs:
    Etrier (100mm with thick heel), VP 90mm, Miss Boxe (wedges - I think it comes in 70-85-100mm), Miss Tack 85mm (Simple last with thicker heel). Newer styles: Morphea, Au Palace, New Marpoil, etc.
  3. I think the Gabin has a lower pitch than the Bibis... I haven't tried the Gabin, but just by looking at the pix, it seems so. And i think you mean Bambou rather than Bibi, right? they're sister shoes, but Bambou is the one that has an open toe.

    Anyhow, some people don't like the pitch of the bambou/bibi, so you do need a particular foot shape to wear this style. Personally, both the Bambou and Bibi are very comfortable for me, but just be cautious... Even with the platform, the pitch is something like a 105 equivalent height (like Pigalle 120). So if you have difficulty with shoes >85mm, I would maybe recommend a different style. Have you thought about Altadama, Hyperprive, or even a wedge style? Those are all very accomodating styles.
  4. Thank you so much for this info I will check them all out x
  5. Thankyounalso for your info I really grateful xx