Anything new lately?

  1. This poor subforum. I wonder what is going on with the brand. We had a huge spike in interest last year and then something happened. Thoughts?

    Is anyone seeing good stuff out there?

    Any brand news?
  2. I know I have been wondering the same thing. I still check in from time to time. I love Treesje bags!
  3. ^ I want them to come out with some new, exciting "it" bags.

  4. Me too! The leather on My Treesje bags is so awesome!! The Magnolia is still one of my all time favorite bags. I wish more people were as interested in the brand as before.:biggrin: WHERE IS EVERYONE??
  5. I think they should promote their best selling bring back braided handles...on hobos or satchels.
  6. Yes. I love Treesje, but their recent designs don't do anything for me, so I've resigned myself to collecting old-school Asher's (why on earth they'd get rid of the braided handles is beyond me- they totally make the bag IMHO) and Metro clutches until they come out with something that really lights my fire again. I'd also like to see some more action on this subforum, though I am totally guilty of neglecting it myself:shame:. I'm hoping their bags will begin to look more thoughtfully designed, like they used to.

  7. I agree about the braided handles..All my Treesje have them and really do not think i would purchase the Asher without. They need to step it up and come out with some new designs as well as a bit better cutomer service and repair plan.
  8. I love some of their older bags as well with the braided handles. I just looked at their website and it looks like the asher is gone??? Did they stop making that style?
  9. Its sad to say but I have sold off a few of my Treesje bags and I pretty much could not give them away. I don't know what is going on with the brand but resell value is terrible. :sad:
  10. I think their older designs were much better...some that you could refer to as classic Treesje (their top sellers...that's a dead giveaway). They should bring them back in fabulous colours that are "now" kwim?
  11. I had actually started to wonder if Treesje had gone bust, they've been so invisible lately. Well, at least I still havde my Pumpkin Asher with braided handles. Hope Treesje resurrect themselves.
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    Yeah resale value seems to have really tanked for Treesje. Just hasn't been the same and who knows what's going on after the buyout, it's been pretty quiet. On their FB they post mostly about fashion in general and there's hardly been anything about the new bags. No sample sale this year either.

    They have a lot of new styles, but seem to have lost the feminine flair that I loved so much for hard edgy rocker styles with simpler details... I want my pleats, ruffles and quilted braided goodies. :sad:

    The halo is pretty cute though

    and I've been trying to resist the temptation on the noho
    video review from 6pm
  13. That is a really beautiful bag. I do wish they would continue with their braided handles..There's not much out there that is taking my eye. I have 2 Treesje bags left and probably won't be purchasing another for a while.
  14. I swore off Treesje when they blew me off about the warranty, and wouldn't help when my Revealed started to brown. But I am a sucker for the braided handles and ruffles, and might look for another Magnolia. I can't stay away.

    I think a lot of the action in this thread last year was partially due to the great exclusive magnolias. 3 new colors, 2 sizes each, they enticed a lot of people who were new to Treesje, and reawakened a lot of interest. I'm still looking for a grande avalon (I keep seeing a patent leather but I don't like patent leather anymore.) I would love more magnolias in new colors. I looked at their latest offerings, and meh. Just not for me.