Anything must buy in Japan that's not available anywhere else!?

  1. My cousin is going to go to Japan for a few days and I was wondering whether I can get him to help me buy something from LV there that is exclusive only to Japan?

    I had thought about the Sophie but considering that it is all meant to be sold out....I duno!? :confused1:
  2. You could always have him double check if they're out of the Sophie! Just in never know!
  3. Yes I will do! Such a gorgeous little bag :sad:
  4. i'd also wanna know what bags are only found in japan..any others?
  5. vernis speedy, but that baby is loooooong gone! :crybaby:
  6. That sounds like a beautiful bag!
  7. Why does LV sell some styles exclusively in Japan?
  8. well I think it's because Japan has 'priviledges'. It *is* afterall the THE ONLY country that occupies more than 1/2 of LV's global sales (in 2003).
  9. i'm not sure what's exclusive there, but i would ask for one of those LV bibles!