Anything in the UK?

  1. Is there ever anything happening in the UK?
    We don't seem to get any of these exciting special deals except Anya Hindmarch and that's going to be international anyway.

    Anyone know of anything?
  2. I've been thinking exactly the same thing! I'm so envious of our US counterparts :greengrin: I've just made a post about a discount voucher one of my friends sent on for Liberty of London on Regent Street for 15% off. And I've just signed up for a rewards card at Harrods because I believe they give you discounts as well. I'm determined to snag myself some fantastic deals. :party:

    Hope that helps :smile:
  3. :crybaby:Its horrible - we get nothing like the deals overseas - I'm disgruntled!! Why are we always 'second best'?? :graucho:
  4. Not fair!!!