Anything in particular I should look for in Van H?

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  1. I'm going downtown today and probably going into Vancouver H store. Is there anything anyone wants me to look for on shelves? I'm leaving in about 30min so speak quick :smile: As I'm a newbie is there an easy way to figure out 28-30cm? (other than pull out ruler..hee hee)
  2. have fun!
  3. Love that city! Never saw H there. Where is it?
  4. I hope you had fun there. Just talked to my SA there yesterday and she said they don't have a lot of handbags right now but they're expecting a lot more to come in in the next 2-3 weeks.

  5. Gracemnot,

    The relatively new H store is right downtown Vancouver, on Burrard @ Alberni. Across the street from the iconic Hotel Vancouver building, if landmarks help. About 6 blocks up from the Pan Pacific Hotel/cruise ship terminal. I think from what I've read on TPF it's a small boutique compared to others...but it's here!!!!