Anything I can do to make...

  1. shoes fit better?? I've been thinking of buying a pair of pumps, but there there's a (quite small) gap between the heel of my foot and the end of shoe. Is there anything I can get to put inside so I can get rid of this space? One of my friends said that maybe an insole would work, but wouldn't that make it a bit too tight??

    Oh, and I can't get a smaller size because 5 1/2 is the smallest size that the shoes come in (that's the size that fits me).

    Thanks for any help!
  2. did you already heard the shoe stretching?...
  3. I think gel insoles tend to take up some space making shoes fit **a little** better. There are also heel pads that you can stick to the inside back of the shoe. They take up some room so the shoe fits a little better.
  4. * i agree!!!they make the shoes more comfortable too
  5. there are those half insoles that are only for the front or for the back, try those mebbe?
  6. I don't recommend an insole...they don't necessarily solve the gap problem (I assume that the gap is causing your foot to slide out when you take a step). Only heel liners (and not the gel kind - they don't stay put) worked for me. Try the ones by footpetals.