Anything Hawaii exclusive?

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  1. My friend will be going to Hawaii next week. I think it's going to be the Oahu island. Is there anything that I should ask my friend to get for me from Louis Vuitton that is exclusive over there? Any news about the light pink Vernis heart coin wallet? Thanks!
  2. I know there luggage tags have a special stamp.
  3. as of now, only the light pink vernis heart is an exclusive. and the hawaii heat stamp with the hibiscus.
  4. I emailed vuitton and they said it's only in Japan not hawaii~
  5. lt pink heart coin purse~
  6. definitely get the special hawaii stamp luggage tag!
  7. You should get one in the normal and the dark ebony. :smile: just for kicks.
  8. i agree! i bought a graphite pegase there and was able to get the Hawaii stamp. I love it!
  9. I absolutely agree!
  10. HOw much does the luggage tag run?
  11. yup..luggage tags since they're so pretty...i might pick up of myself and one for my bfs mom.
  12. So jealous Hawaii have those stuff ....
  13. I was just there over during christmas and I got the heat stamped luggage tag. If you're going to be stopping by the Waikiki store, ask for Neil! He was the awesome SA that helped me out. He went out of his way to get it done for me in time :smile: