Anything good left at Tysons Chanel sale?

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  1. I'm taking tomorrow afternoon off to enjoy shopping on my birthday (yay) and was hoping that the Tysons Chanel boutique hasn't been cleaned out of sale merch. Anything good left?:biggrin:
  2. Hi mharvey,
    the selection at the boutique wasnt great enough to start with.
    however, last sunday, chanel at Neimans had a pretty good selection. I would suggest that over the boutique...Good Luck and happy shopping :biggrin:
  3. I just spoke with my SA at Tysons Boutique and all she talked about was the new shipment of prefall bags. So I presume there isn't much there. I'm hoping for some new shoes on monday though.
  4. Thanks everyone!
  5. Happy birthday and have fun shopping!
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Good luck Shopping !
  7. I'm considering dipping out of work early myself today and heading to Neimans and the boutique. I'm slightly hoping I don't see anything interesting :biggrin: . If you see an Amazon black woman towering over everyone it is probably me. :lol:
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