Anything good at Off Fifth Saks?

  1. Just asking...I was thinking about heading over to Off Fifth in Westbury LI...anyone stopped by recently? TIA
  2. I haven't been to that location, but the Off Fifth at Sawgrass Mills in Florida has some nice Michael Kors and Cole Haan. The Kors they had were similar to this bag, just different styles. There was one which looked just like this, only shorter in height. The prices were almost half off retail.

  3. I was there about 2 weeks ago and they had a ton of Koobas
  4. If you wait until next weekend they have a 30% off one item. I tried to scan the coupon-but the file was too big to download. When I get my email version I'll post the link it's good from 2/8-2/11.
  5. Ooo that was a waste. I was there yesterday...I saw those Koobas you were talking about Sassimiz...still there. I saw a few Marc Jacobs (I think Thelma?) bags and like 4 Coach optic waist packs in yellow. It was pretty bad.

    I think I'll head over to NJ if you can post that coupon JNH14! Thanks!!

    BTW: Anyone been at Paramus lately?? LoL
  6. The off 5th in Minneapolis was very boring. None of the bags looked like PF bags.:sick:
  7. I was just in leesburg VA - nothing good, well unless you got really lucky with some of the designer clothing mark downs- no good shoes or purses though IMO.

  8. Please post when you recieve...i need to get on their email list!