Anything for shoplastyle?

  1. I think I just missed using their code that expired July 4. But I found out I was pregnant after that, and I want to get some comfy Splendid lounge pants. I pretty much live in mine.
  2. $20 off your order over $100 with code INSTYLE until Aug 31
  3. congratulations! on the pregnancy i mean, not on living in lounge pants :p
  4. Thank you! I restrained myself and only got one more pair, and a few other things. Split it over two orders so I could use the code on both.

    I've been good so far, only wearing the lounge pants when I get home. Wearing my regular clothes to work, but they're starting to get a little tight in the waist. If I stood all day I'd be fine, but after a while sitting down...that's when I wish I had the lounge pants! :nogood: