Anything Fendi

  1. Hi - I'm new to this blog and so glad to find others with the same disease/obsession as me for handbags! My biggest sorrow, though, is a Fendi bag I had 20 years ago when my first child was born. I celebrated with a Fendi from Neimans. It was one of the earlier "polished cotton" bags, gray with light leather trim. It was rectangle in shape, laying on it's long sided, and, best of all, the top was hinged!! When it opened, you could get to everything.

    The inside was also coated, so I ended up using it every day and threw into it bottles, juice boxes, etc. (I know....the shame of it all!). After a few years, it just finally died and I had to give it up. WHAT A MISTAKE! :crybaby: I wish I still had it. I have never seen a greater hinged bag since.

    If anyone ever sees it in a vintage collection, let me know.

    missing you, Ms. Fendi -

  2. Hi, welcome to the board. I'm sorry to hear about your Fendi; I actually like old Fendi myself! If you would like, you can go on ebay and try to find it; I've seen tons of vintage Fendis in good condition, and they're really inexpensive (well, at least compared to some other bags). Good luck!
  3. First of all, Welcome!!! I am sorry to hear about your separation from a bag that you loved, but ebay might have it. Good luck!
  4. welcome to the forum and similar to what others have said, maybe try ebay and see if it might be there... wish you luck.