Anything Else For Fall???

  1. I know the fall collections are just starting to come out and I know in this forum our :heart: belongs to Chanel. However, I was curious if any of you are lusting after any other bags? Maybe we can share what is on our must-have list besides Chanel?
    I have to say, I have been lurking around LV and I am curious about the Mono Degrade with the black handles.
    I think LV may have some interesting pieces coming out.
  2. LV Olympe Cirrus bag in Ecru or Beige.... :heart:

    Gerard Darel 24 Heures in Blue Grey python


    What a great thread bellabags, I know the PFers here have other obsessions besides CHANEL! :smile:
  3. I try not to look at other designers until I get bored with would be trouble otherwise...but DAMN.
    That Python bag is HOT.
  4. None! I'm not interested to look at the other styles for fall at the moment.. But i'm really in love with MJ's black stam and pink Julianne.. Though i have doubts that I won't be able to use it because I'm thinking it's heavy!!! (is it?? or is it not?!)
  5. I am looking forward to balenciaga's grape and jaune colors.
  6. I like Neverfull MM.
  7. I'm waiting for the Louis Vuitton Lockit in gold Mirror....and I also want to see the LV Lockit bags in suhali in the metalic colors too.
  8. Me too! :yes: I'm waitlisted for both... can't wait to see what they look like IRL!

  9. It's heavier than most bags but you'll get used to it. Right now I'm carrying my MJ Elise and it's not bad at all.

    LambLovesChanel - the suhali and metallic lockits are TDF! If I had $ to burn, I'd get one! Very classy IMO.
  10. currently i am only planning to purchase chanel reissue black metallic and vuitton vernis amarante bag. that color is gorgeous... :drool:
  11. Most MJ bags are heavy, Julianne is lighter than Stam. If you remove the heavy/chunky shoulder straps, they aren't as bad.
  12. I like Bottega Veneta's Montaigne (in Magnolia) and Borsa Nappa Umbria (undecided on the color).
  13. Not much interest in any other designer bags at the moment - just Chanel.......but most of the bags coming out aren't doing much for me - which is great for the wallet.:sweatdrop:
  14. I second that too!:yes:
  15. Looking forward to the Longchamp Legende ...:shame: