Anything besides Paypal??

  1. Has anyone used another form of accepting payment on eBay besides Paypal? What other options are there? I think I remember hearing that eBay does not allow you to use Google Checkout.

    Is there anyone here who doesn't use Paypal is still a successful seller? I just hate that Paypal takes so much out on fees, especially when I'm selling higher priced items. I really want to know if there is a way to avoid this, besides check or money order.

    Also, has anyone had success only accepting money orders or wire transfers?

  2. I use It has worked out great for me and the completed transactions. Though I feel that as a seller I am at a disadvantage by not using PP. Some people feel that PP is the only way to pay and won't consider Bidpay even though it is approved by eBay and allows only Visa and Mastercard for purchasing. I think I loose buyers and more bids by not using PP. It's not fair and I don't like that, but I will not use PP. Just way to many horror stories......
  3. I give my buyers option to pay with Bidpay, especially for those who does not have confirmed address with Paypal. I still prefer Paypal, however.
  4. You're reducing the number of potential buyers if you don't take Paypal.

    I've had problems with Bidpay in the past, but read here on the forum that Bidpay is no longer doing direct wire transfers, is no longer associated with Western Union, etc. You have to have a Visa or Mastercard to use it.

    However, I don't see how that really protects sellers any better than paypal, if a person wants a refund, they can still go through their CC company - perhaps because that's a more difficult process, it does cut down on that kind of problem.

    However, as a buyer, I won't use anything but paypal (and a credit card, via paypal) - ever. Been burned too many times.