anything barenia at podium? by SO?

  1. Has there been any update to the barenia saga? Any indication that it may be offered again for larger bags? I am specifically wondering about (1) barenia picotins, and (2) barenia vert olive and barenia ebene (I've basically given up on the 40 Birkin dream).

    (1) does the barenia ban extend to picotins? are they impossible to get? I know I've seen photos of barenia picotin owned by tPFers - if they are possible to get, does anyone know if they are limited to PM or MM sizes?

    (2) what about vert olive or ebene barenia picotins?
  2. About 5-6 months ago I bought a K stamped PM Picotin in natural barenia. They told me an emphatic NO on getting barenia in any other size, getting it in any other style, or getting it in any other color. They said there were only 1 or 2 others in the US at that time, but all other available ones had contrast handles.

    In November, the boutique called me and offered me a 30 cm natural barenia birkin that had arrived that day from Paris, unexpectedly. They said it was a freak occurrence, but were far less emphatic with their NO's. They said they would try to place an order for a barenia 35 or a 32 HAC, but still were somewhat discouraging.

    I guess what I took home after all this is that Paris may be changing what they're doing with barenia, and they may be offering it again within the next year or so, but no one wants to make any verbal commitments. This could be completely wishful thinking on my part. I'm prone to that.

    and if I'm playing that game, I'm going to wish for barenia in rouge H or some variant thereof. And I want other colors in a HAC, a 37 cm bolide, and a 35 birkin, as long as I'm playing pretend, that is.
  3. gga - very interesting. I wonder if barenia is on such backorder that, in part, they wouldn't want to create a frenzy? (The Toronto boutique apparently has a number of customers on a list going back several years for 35 Birkins.)

    Do you happen to have an action shots of your PM picotin? I may have to open my mind a little and explore a smaller size - I am currently in love with my GM clemence.
  4. I don't have action shots, and I'm in full-blown technology meltdown mode at my house, so I don't even have a way to get any.

    If it helps, I can tell you I'm 6 ft, size 12, and feel totally comfy with the PM Picotin in barenia. I turned down the 30 cm barenia birkin (while shedding buckets of tears) because it felt too dinky for my comfort level. Even the SA said "meh, maybe you should rethink the 30 cm." She doesn't hesitate to tell me something isn't working for me, and she cheered on the PM Picotin. My own eyes said the PM in barenia was just fine on me.

    Anyway, FWIW. I don't think they have a wait list or backorder list at my boutique. In fact, they said they had at most 5 customers who would have any interest in a barenia bag of any kind.
  5. my store has a smaller picotin in the barenia.

    I wanted the largest size to be ordered for me last podium and it didn't go thru.
  6. ^last podium they wouldn't even let me finish my sentence asking for a larger, more substantial bag in barenia. They started shaking their heads and saying no at "ba." This time, they shrugged and said, "why not. we can always try. they might say no."

    I'm taking this evolution in NO as a positive sign. I really suffered when I turned down the 30. I figure Paris owes me big for ruining my November that way! (J/K, by the way)
  7. In Paris in October, my pleas for barenia fell on deaf ears (ears that were fortunately open to other suggestions). I am prepared to wait this one out. Thanks for reviving the topic!
  8. I would die for a barenia HAC :girlsigh:
  9. *sigh* And there goes my wishful thinking...
  10. gosh - this plot is either thickening, or not really moving far forward!!

    gga - I am heartened by your further details! I am 5'11 (to your 6'!) and I bet a 30 birking would feel dinky on me too - my 35 barenia feels fine, but I wouldn't go smaller. I adore my GM picotin, but I will now ask my SA about finding any picotin in barenia - to try, at least.

    I must be completely nuts to be dreaming about vert olive. Right?
  11. Ummm...In the interest of encouraging my own fantasies, I'm going to go with NO on this one. I'll keep my fingers crossed for another year or another vintage bag in vert olive barenia for you!
  12. Here's hoping for barenia for next year.
  13. Me Too!!!!!:nuts:
  14. *sigh*

    OK, if anyone hears anything about barenia when the SAs are back from podium, please update!!!
  15. Oh ladies, barenia in LARGER items :crybaby:...only PM for Picotins so far and my store is keeping me hanging there by definitely NOT saying it's not possible but they can't tell for sure what/when/how. I'm not in a hurry any more, just waiting. Good luck to all of us:drinkup: