anything and everything CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN

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  1. since there are so many CL lovers here like myself, why don't we dedicate a thread where we can talk about him altogether and post any pics of past season shoes, current, and future shoes!

    there is a HUGE shoe sale starting tomorrow at Barneys New York (at least 50% off) I visited the one in BH today...and here is what I saw..

    -simple pump in patent (blue, green, and blue)
    -mesh flats
    -exact same moon bows that red sole posted above
    -velvet like pointy wedges
    -patent pigalles with leopard front and mini black bow
    -rolandes in black, tan and brown (thank God messed up my order, now I can get them for half off!!)

    keep in mind that the pre-sale has been going on for a while so sizes in these shoes are very limited!

    there were some other ones, too but these are the only ones I can remember off the top of my head. Call and ask for Scott or Suzanne and tell him/her Lucrecia referred you.

    Happy shopping!

    on another note...these are the babies i got today. red patent simple pumps!! :yahoo::heart::wlae:

    they came in yellow and green as well. just came in TODAY. so if you like them call now! pretty sure they'll have ur size ;)

  2. i wish i could wear 4 inch heels i would totally get the simple pumps. Thanks for all the info!!! i love ur shoes
  3. ARGH, I called Barneys in NYC and they have no simple pumps on it just Beverly Hills?? If I can get them on sale, I may just die and go to heaven...
  4. I called BH and the simple pumps are not on sale :sad:
  5. ^ the simple pumps on sale are the magenta ones since they are a seasonal color. sorry i didn't clarify that.

    here are pics i took from the shoes that are on sale

  6. ...does my Aionoeud clutch count? To keep it SHOE-related, it's here with my silver Manolo slingbacks! (also, I just won another one on ebay!!)

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  7. So question, how do you pronounce louboutin?
  8. thanks,CLU I just got a few pairs of the activas ( nude, green and black patent) YAY
  9. clucreciala - Thanks for the info! I absolutely love your red patent CL's... in the pictures, is that a similar pair shown in brown patent? Also, if you don't mind my asking, how much were they? And how would you say they run size wise? I usually wear a 37.5 in most designers, sometimes a 38. TIA! :smile:
  10. I believe it's La-boo-tan
  11. Litigatrix it's loo-bah-tawn. well that's how all my sas pronounce it and even the ones at the CL stores.

    bourgeois congrats!!

    fiery i wear a us 8 but sized up by 1/2 size. i have the decolletes and got a 38. god they are painful to walk in! for the most part i always get 38s but i tried on the 38 red pump and the 38.5 was more comfy. it really depends on how wide ur feet are.
  12. yes, that is how I imagined it would be pronounced based on my basic knowledge of french, but I have a friend who would pronounce the end syllable differently, so wanted to make sure :graucho:
  13. I am fluent in french and would pronounce it as Loo-boo-tan (without prononcing the n too hard) but the best way to get it is by watching someone say it correctly. check this video

    The lady at the begining pronounces his name, ignore that she is speaking in dutch. Then you hear the master himself give an interview. :yahoo:

    I have heard many SAs mispronounce his name in every way possible.
  14. It's so funny hearing the way some people pronounce names, I once heard a girl asking if the store had "Dolchay & Gabanah" and even heard "Gukki"