Anything about your denim LV you don't like?

  1. For those of you who own any of the LV denim bags. Is there anything about the bag you own that you do not like? I am still trying to decide which bag to get. I bought the small green pleaty and love it but want another denim bag. I am lost at which one to buy. I have no complaints about the small pleaty. It has been my everyday bag since I bought it a few weeks ago.
    Just wanted to know what others think about their denim bags.
  2. Love mine, I have a speedy and its a nice size, very light to carry :smile:
  3. I have the small original color pleaty...very happy with it. Not sure if I want another demim bag. Starting to lose interest in LV bags in general.
  4. I have the original color Neo Speedy and really enjoy it. The ONLY thing I dislike about it is the price!!!:lol:
  5. I like the speedy too. It's great to take when wearing casual and it is quite light to carry.
  6. I have been feeling that way too lately:sad: I wonder why:weird: ...I have been buying alot of Chanel lately...I have the speedy in blue and I LOVED it when it came out but I hardly use it...its only a year old & looks brand new:shame:
  7. Ummmm, I hope nobody minds me saying this, but, I think the reason alot of people are feeling funny about LV now is because of one person---Jessica Simpson. It's not that I don't like her, it's just that I don't think she's bringing the right kind of esteem to the line. Know what I mean? More teenagers want the LV's now because of her and they are the ones buying up the fakes!!!!! IMHO.
  8. Nope! Just got a denim bagggy GM and love love love it! It's one of my favorite bags (and I have many!) :smile:
  9. I think people are losing interest in LV is because of the new designs - the perforated and the new fringe MC's...they look pretty tacky no offense. I think they are trying to look really "funky" but it just doesn't pull off.
  10. Umm actually I dont think that its Jessica Simpson. LV has been putting out some horrible stuff, such as the perforations, fringe, and the charms line. IMO those LV lines arent attractive at all.:noworry:
  11. That is such a cute bag! Can I ask if it sags? I love the denim I think it's awesome looking. :smile:
  12. I usually stuff my bags full so they don't sag, but when you only have a few items in it, yes it does sag (just like in the pic below).:sad2:
  13. I have the green Baggy Gm...and am going to LV this weekend to buy the pink one too!LOVE IT!
  14. Thank you so much for the pic it really shows clearly how the bag looks when carried!

    It's cute! :smile:
  15. I have the Pleaty in original color but it sometimes gets stressful for me because I'm anal about getting waterstains/ it turning into an ugly patina. >.<