Anyplace you don't take your LV too?

  1. I'm sad because I love my LV so much, but feel like I can't wear them to work! I am in sales and have a home office but travel to meet my customers and feel like it would attract negative attention like yes, I might make more $ than you, please continue to support my bonus check!
    Other than that I don't really care, but yesterday my boyfriend wanted to go to this pizza place that is kind of in a bad area, but i didn't realize it was that bad before I went, and felt so self conscious because we stuck out like a sore thumb!
  2. OMG! it's okay, i know how you feel -my boyfriend grew up in COMPTON -YES, home of gang-warfare and gangsta rap... haha

    needless to say he is out of there, and we live in a nice neighborhood now (gang free, lol) anyways, we went to visit relatives of his who still live around there and had to go to the market first to pick up a few things, needless to say -PEOPLE WERE STARING! --> AND, i overheard some gangster looking girls who were gawking at me go; i'll take you to get one next week, they're only 20 bucks!! EEsh

    so yes, as much as i'd LOVE to avoid trips to the ghetto, i don't think i WOULDN'T take my LV's, @ least the worst would be that they'd think they were fake!!
  3. Um..not really but if I think I'm going to be in a place where I don't want logos all over, I'll take a more subtle bag like my Epi Jasmin or my Damier Speedy.
  4. :roflmfao:
  5. :crybaby: i take them everywhere... it's the only thing i'll wear
  6. I don't take mine when I volunteer, I did a few times and I felt really bag and like the biggest snob, so I went and bought a no name bag for my volunteer days! Other thatn that, I woulden't take it on a camping trip, the vachetta might get dirty! LOL.
    Enjoy your bags, like you said, the worst thing that would happen is they will think it is fake(eewwww) lol :smile:
  7. My LVs go to the Zoo, the soccer field, on trips, to work, and everywhere I go. The one place I do not bring them is to the BEACH!
  8. ew.
    ps. i love your avatar! UCLA woot!
  9. i dont take mine sailing. lol. or to a place where i may have to set them down on icky stuff (fairs, games, parties..)
  10. hmm... there are certain times at family gatherings when i will not bring any of my noticeable LV bags (mono, mc, or anything that screams the logo) because i don't want them to bother me with questions like "is that real?" or "how much did you pay for that?" or "why would pay so much for a bag?" and so on. some of my older relatives can be pretty tactless, and i know they don't mean any harm... but still, i find it annoying and would rather avoid the questions and stares. i'll carry a damier bag, or whatever bag that is not as common.

    i also will not take any of my LV bags like sports venues, picnics/bbq's, bars/clubs (maybe a cles or pochette), or any place where accidents are prone to happen.

    but again, it really depends. however, i will carry my mono bags when i go to work, shopping or hanging out with my friends, since they know i love handbags and they often compliment instead of ask endless questions or make rude comments.
  11. after an episode at work, i started leaving my bags in the car. i don't work there anymore, but i had my MC audra (picture strips of vachetta on the bottom) and i stuck it in the back of the hostess podium - where all the other hostesses put their bags too. well apparently sometime during the night a server must have spilled some water or another girl put an open cup under there and it spilled all over. needless to say before i realized this, my bag had been sitting water for upwards of 7+ hours! the vachetta was SOAKED! oh i was FURIOUS. my poor bag has never been the same even though i have taken baby wipes to it to try and lighten the vachetta back up to get the water stains out which worked a little, still everytime i look at my bag i think about taking it and getting all the leather on it replaced so i can make it look like new again :crybaby:
  12. Hi there! I know what you mean...I don't take my LV to work because I already don't work much (barely part time) and people have made comments like"oh, she doesn't need to work"....which isn't true. They almost died when I came in with a Juicy bag so you can imagine what they would say with my LV's.
    Anyhow....:yes: I hear ya!
  13. I don't take my bags to the beach, on the boat or to the gym. Otherwise, they come with me.
  14. I take them anywhere, I even took my cabas mezzo to the beach once lol.
  15. I don't take my LV bags to concerts, sporting events, amusement parks, the beach or out if it's really bad weather.