Anyoone who send new BVs for waterproofing?

  1. Hi there, I just bought my very first BV bag and wallet.

    Are there anyone who sent their bags and wallets for waterproofing before using them? I was just wondering if I should send them for waterproofing...
  2. Yep, i usually spray my bags (Bv and LV) with a waterproofing spray before using them.
    But I always wonder if it's neccessary or makes any difference at all.
  3. I waterproof everything that's leather for all my bags and shoes :yes:
  4. I admit to NOT water proofing a single bag I own--Hermes, YSL, BV or other. While it rains a fair amount in the winter in Sacramento, I have never ever had a problem with water spots and stains.
  5. I don't water proof shoes or bags. If my shoes are soaked, I stuff them with paper and allow them to dry naturally away from sun or heat. BV recommends putting nothing on their leather. The sides of the strips are raw and will absorb whatever product you're using which can cause problems. My tea campana has gotten caught in several downpours and so soaked the color looked dark brown. I toweled off the dripping water and allowed it to dry naturally, again away from sun or heat and she's perfectly spots, no stains.
  6. Same.
  7. I always spray my bags. I'm careful with my bags. But anything could happen. I once had a bird doo doo accident on my bag!:lol: Also, someone spilt soda and my bag was soaked. It makes sense for me to spray a bag for an unpredicted accident.
  8. I have never waterproofed a thing...I would be so scared it would change something natural on my bags or shoes..
  9. Thanks for all your reply. I will take pics of my new BV later...

    Now, how do I move this thread to the Care section?
  10. ask a mod :yes:
  11. I waterproof my other bags, but somehow I don't feel comfortable doing the same to my BVs. Fortunately they have taken the weather well thus far. After all those are great bags that are built to last!