Anyone's STUDS fallen off before?

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  1. Girls,

    Have any of you experienced the studs falling off the bag?

    I have a City, I've had her since August 2009 and one of the studs holding the back handle has fallen off!! I'm afraid to use it now in case the handle comes away.

    I don't know how long it had fallen off as I only noticed it this week... so I don't have the stud anymore :sad:

    This is unacceptable! I have used the bag a handful of times and really look after it, yet this happened, I am heartbrokened :'(

    Anyone had this problem?

    I'm going to take it back to the shop at the weekend. I hope they won't ask me to pay for repairs... do you think they will?

  2. hi and welcome! when did you buy the bag? you mention you're going to bring it back to the shop - did you purchase it from a bal boutique?
  3. OH NO! I'm so sorry to hear that!! What kind of hardware did your city have? I bought a GGH part-time and the 2 front studs were so loose you could turn it 360 degrees. An SA said that's normal and that you can just twist them into place :confused1: You are right that is completely unacceptable! Good luck with getting a free repair!
  4. not good!
  5. Krissea, sorry to hear that this happened to you and that the stud got lost. I hope you're able to get it fixed (without having to pay).

    I was wondering about loose studs/giant hardware and what can be done. I've noticed more people posting about loose or lost studs. Can loose studs easily be fixed? Has anyone been successful with tightening loose studs? If so, where did you take it to get fixed?

  6. Sorry about that I am leary about purchasing a City with Silver Hw..especially by mail...hmmm
  7. Eek, what a nightmare.

    I have had loose studs before, which I will NOT tolerate no matter how much someone may say that its ok to be a little loose.

    With two 2008 newer seasons' bags I had, I had to send them back because the rivets/studs were not pushed all the way in. No telling if they would have fallen off or not, but I didn't want to wait around to find out. :nogood: If worse came to worse, you could see about a replacement stud and to have a leather/tailor push it in for you? Not sure where to find replacement studs tho unless you bought it at a boutique.
  8. Thanks! I bought it from a concession in a dept store back in Aug/Sept 2009, not a Bal boutique.

    Hmm I wonder if I'll have more luck taking it to a boutique for repairs than a dept store?

  9. Thanks for all your replies!

    Studs are a plain matt black - no coverings.

    On closer inspection (without having to take the bag apart! :nono: ) it looks like the studs are screwed on rather than pushed in. Which means my lost stud must have been loose for some time before falling off!

    I wouldn't have been so upset if I used the bag everyday 'cos I'd put it down to wear and tear... BUT it's only been out of its dustbag a handful of times :cry:

    Anyway, I'm gonna stop being a baby and give the store a call in the morning, see where I stand with this.

    Should be able to get it sorted out for free, seeing as it's a case of getting a spare stud and screwing it back on!

    I'll be back with updates!
  10. YES! I have two balenciaga handbags, one blag, and one raspberry coloured both with gold hardware and I have unfortunately found the same thing happening. The black one I have had for nearly two years and two studs have unscrewed themselves, one on either side. The thing is, you can only screw it back in, if the screw is still going through the leather on the handle. I found that the studs were only coming loose if I wore the bag in the crook of my arm, not when it's on my shoulder - presumably the reason is because when it swings on your arms, the movement from side to side turns the screw so it unscrews the stud!
  11. christobelle that's ridiculous! We are paying over $1K for these bags, we don't need anymore loose screws around here! :girlwhack:
  12. cristobelle - that's terrible!!

    Right Girls, I just called the Bal boutique in London and they said it'll cost me about £15 to get it fixed. They'll have to send it off for about a week.

    After getting off the phone I thought - cool I'll bring it in to get fixed tomorrow!

    But then, Ok so £15 isn't much.... but the bag's not that old, and if you looked at the bag it's obvious it hasn't had much wear.

    What do you think? Has anyone had it fixed for free?

  13. i'd bring it in for 15 pounds, especially since you didn't buy it from the bal store. glad you found a resolution!
  14. For the amount of $$ we shell out for these bags, we should not have to pay for repairs that are not our fault--especially if bags are new. This is ridiculous!!

    My bag has 1 rivet (giant hardware) that turns. It has not come out, but I am very nervous about using it now that I notice the rivet is loose. I've only used it once. I'm EXTREMELY annoyed with this right now. Why should I have to pay for this?

    I just sent Balenciaga an email and I am waiting for their response, but I think this is completely unacceptable!
  15. I think you should explain to them that you paid full price for an item which shouldn't be defective and therefore they should put up any reparative costs for the bag. If however they refuse, then I think maybe just pay the £15. Better to pay the money than never to use it again. It's not a huge sum comparative to the bag, but I think that you should at least try to get them to pay first. I bought both my Balenciaga bags in London too - which boutique did you call? I'm currently living outside of the UK so I may wait until I'm next in London to get them repaired. It's such a shame, I absolutely love the balenciaga bags, hence the reason why I've bought two, but to find the studs turning loose on both my bags has kinda put me off them (well, put me off from buying a third one! :biggrin: ) . At first I thought maybe it was just a defect with my black bag, but clearly they have something wrong with the design. I hope you get this resolved. Let us know how it goes - you've certainly spurred me on to get my bag fixed at some point!