Anyones SO leave alot for work??

  1. Hello all!

    My boyfriend leaves once a month every month for work for a couple of days.

    Any one else's SO leave often for work??

    what do you do while hes you like time by yourself??
  2. Mine's gone right now. He'll mostly just be gone for his training, but it's still hard! Once he starts the actual job he'll just be traveling around our area during the day (really no more than about 2 1/2 hours one way, most always back home the same day). He's been gone all this week, will be gone all next week, will be in Chicago for two weeks after Labor Day, in LA for two weeks in November or so, back downstate off and on in between... a lot more than we're used to. These all-week or two week stints are difficult.

    We talk every day, usually more than once. I'm busy right now packing up our apartment for our move this weekend, and then I'll be busy next week unpacking and cleaning and stuff. But his Chicago and LA trips will be hell for me! I'll be working and going to school, but still. You just have to focus on other things in your life and keep contact on the phone, e-mails, etc.

    I guess I don't mind some of the alone time. I'm actually pretty used to it, since he's pretty busy when he IS in town, but I'm not used to the distance and the not sleeping together. It's good in some ways, though; it's showing how much we love each other (absence really does make the heart grow fonder!), and it shows me I can still be independent and get by on my own (even if I don't prefer it).

    Hang in there!
  3. My SO has to go every 2nd week for the weekend for rugby. It sucks :sad:
    I really miss him lol, but I know he'll be back so I like to go shopping :biggrin:
  4. My fiancé leaves about a week or two out of a month. The worst part is how his company schedules it. They don’t give him any notice at all. He is on a business trip right now until Monday. He was notified last Monday of this trip and left Tuesday. He just got a 24 hour notice. He usually gets a day or two notice of these trips. They sent him to a warehouse in New Jersey and the parts he was supposed to inspect weren’t even there yet, so they instead sent him to Georgia (of course after arriving in New Jersey) to work on something else. Tomorrow he will have to fly back to New Jersey, stay the weekend and not get paid, work Monday and then leave Monday night. He actually was supposed to be home tomorrow (Friday) but has to stay until Monday now due to the company’s unorganized planning.

    Hopefully he gets this other position he applied for with his company. It still requires traveling since it is PR and he will have to go to race events (he works in the motorcycle industry) but since these events are planned months in advance, he will know when exactly he has to travel and there will be more warning.
  5. ^ Ugh, that's awful about not getting much notice. That must drive you both nuts!
  6. Yes, my husband is gone a lot for his work. He owns his own business and works pretty much by himself, so he can't shove the traveling off to somebody else.

    He's usually gone around 3-5 x per month...Sometimes more, sometimes less
  7. they should definatly give more notice....

    sometimes i dont mind when he leaves when i have plenty of stuff to do or money to spend...but when i have nothing planned and no money (which happens to be this weekend!) then i get bored and wish he was home!
  8. My friend's husband just started traveling a lot for work. It seems like he travels almost every week. Now I've noticed she calls me a lot more so I guess that's what she does, calls people. What is funny is he will also call me to chat more now too because he gets a lot more time just waiting around.
  9. Same with mine! My SO just got hired with this really great company and has to travel all over, right now for training. Its so sad.. in the beginning I couldnt deal with it.. I was so sad and lonley and waiting to start school and looking for a was horrible.. but hes been ok about checking in. I try to keep myself busy until school starts etc. Its so hard tho and I know how everyone feels... :crybaby:
  10. my DH does:yes:
    He travels less than w/ this new job than before but still travels pretty heavy, he's gone now. Again.

    Yes, I like it! :biggrin:

    Actually I like it for a couple of days, a week is a bit much for me.
  11. In my most recent job *I* was actually the one on the road or working weird hours most of the time. Ex BF was in retail management and we pretty much knew his hours. My work was in the wireless industry so I had to run about 12 overnight deployments over the course of 3 months which meant running conference calls from 10pm - 5am, yuck. Also, I had travel; 10 days in south florida and then a week in Nashville all within a few months time. I honestly think it was good for our relationship in a weird way to not be together 24 x 7.
  12. Yes my SO travels frequently for work. I have tried to enjoy this time for myself, to catch up with friends and do some hobbies. At night, I have found sleeping with one of his shirts helps!!!
  13. go to the gym, have drinks or dinner with friends
  14. My DH travels for a few days every month. I really don't mind though, I kind of like me time to do things for myself.
  15. i love to go shopping (when i have money) when hes gone....that way i can shop all day and take my time and not feel rushed!!!