anyone's netAPorter still processing??

  1. I bought the tobacco on Friday, I received an order credit card still hasn't been processed and haven't received a dispatch number.

    Did your go through?
  2. My Tobacco Paddy just arrived today!! I haven't opened the box yet. I will post pics when I open it. It said that it wouldn't arrive until tomorrow. I was so suprised when the DHL guy came just now. I hope your Paddy comes soon Amy. They should have given you a DHL tracking number. Did you receive a confirmation email from NAP the day you purchased your Paddy?
  3. Missypoo- congrats! I can't wait to see everyones pics of their Paddies!

    Amy- Did you receive any follow up email about your order? If it's your first purchase w/ NAP, they might be verifying your c/c info. Don't worry too much just yet. :biggrin:
  4. it's my second order. I got the order confirmation number but i didn't recieve the "your order has been dispatched" email. I called them and said they are slightly delayed and give them until the end of the day. i'm just worried that just because i have an "order #" my order is not confirmed.
  5. oh and my CC hasn't been charged yet. What are they waiting for? do it!
  6. Gosh, that's so bizarre Amy. It should have been processed already. Hopefully they will fix this today for you. Keep us updated.
  7. ooo oo

    I called my credit card and it has been debited out of my account. so net a porter has my money. So if they have my money...I should get a bag, right? hopefully it's just in a line to get shipped out.

    Damn net a porter.
  8. I got my confirmation of shipment this morning!
    Missypoo, open the box!! Tell me what you think of tobacco!! I am dying to see mine and want to live vicariously through you!!
  9. too. Please post pics!
  10. Please post photos, Missypoo!! I debated whether to get the tobacco or the dove, and I finally decided on the dove. I'm dying to know what the tobacco looks like IRL!!
  11. Ok guys I opened her up and took some pics. Bare with me and I will upload them and I will post a new thread for my Tobacco Paddy. BTW, I love it!!! My first Chloe Paddy.
  12. pics pics pics!
  13. Same here. My order was placed on thursday. It's also my second order from NAP and I used same cc and address. The funny thing is I even chose same day shipping:graucho:
  14. My order was placed on Saturday and my credit card has been charged (sort of). It doesnt say Net-A-Porter $XXX. But the credit I have left on my card has been subtracted. Mines still says "processing"
  15. Mine is still says "processing" as well. However, this is my first time with NAP so according to them processing will take a little bit of time. I have likewise checked with my credit card company and amount is posted but floating and debit of account takes 5 banking days. I guess mine's gonna take a while.