anyone's doggy have alzheimers (?)

  1. gals, my 15 year old bichon frise was just diagnosed with this & i'm totally heart broken :crybaby:...he's got just about every symptom of CDS listed in the article below & it's been especially bad over the last week...our vet's going to put him on anipryl in the hopes that it will help him...he's also got kidney disease & mild heart disease, but both conditions are stable right now...he had such a great quality of life up until about a week ago & it's so hard to see him like the moment, he's confused & agitated & begs for food 24/7...i'd love to hear from anyone who's been thru this before...TIA :tender:
  2. Your bichon is such a cutie-pie. I hope the medicine eases his aliment and big *hugs* for you to hang in there!
  3. ^^ awe, thanks KittyBag :love:
  4. My parents' 14yr old black lab is getting like this... she is also going blind, so she barks at all of us when we come out the front door or get out of a car... she seems to forget where she is and cries. Its so sad. We just pet her and spend time with her and give her frequent treats (its not the healthiest thing- but the vet said at this point in life it can't hurt if it makes her happier). But just keep loving him- its really all you can do!
  5. Argh. I'm so sorry to hear this. I had a 13 yr. old spaniel mix that was senile. She lost and eye to an ulcer, almost lost her other eye to the same thing and then became obviously senile. She would wander in circles continuously, would cry whenever she couldn't see me and completely reversed her bathroom habits (ie, inside was for going, outside was not). She was not officially diagnosed, but very much had the symptoms described in that article.

    I wish my story had a happier ending but I did put her down and it still breaks my heart to talk about it. Watching her go through that was just awful. I will send positive thoughts your way. I know there are things out there that lessen the effects, so if you have the wherewithal, you can probably hang on a bit longer.

  6. :crybaby:I'm sorry this is happening, I really hope that the medicine helps, *big hugs to you and your dog* I'm sorry I'm not any help, but I just really hope that he feels some relief soon. :heart::heart::heart:
  7. Awww... I feel your pain. My 19 year old chihuahua-mix(yes; I said 19!) has every symptom listed at that link you posted. Sometimes, he'll just stare off into space; he walks in circles, walks into furniture, etc.

    But he still has a great quality of life as far as I'm concerned. He's still in good enough shape to walk out into my backyard, and roll on his back like a puppy. I always say to myself that when he stops doing that, I'll know his time is up.

    I'm so sorry that you and your poor furry friend are going through this, but please know that you're not alone.:crybaby:
  8. That's awful Bama!! My dog is 12 and I worry all the time about her health. I will keep you and your pup in my thoughts, hon.
  9. I am very sorry to hear of your situation. I have been through this twice - it is a very difficult decision to make but please consider quality of life for your baby.
    Hugs to you
  10. your bichon is so cute!

    I have always wondered if dogs could get Alzheimer's but never really looked it up. My dog will be 13 next week. She acts sort of goofy sometimes but nothing too bad I guess. Sometimes she'll bark and go running past and I have no clue why. Maybe a flea bites her or something.

    I used to have a poodle that died at age 12. She definitely had some type of doggie Alzheimer's. We used to say she was senile. By the time she died we had a big plastic tarp over the front entrance hall because she had messy poop there all the time. Once we found her barking at the copy machine. She just seemed disoriented all the time. Finally I had to put her to sleep when she had some very painful gum problems and the vet said basically to have her go through surgery in her state would be a miserable experience so we decided it was time for her to go.
  11. oh no, that list of symptoms.. :sad: shouldn't be read, it's too sad. forgetting their name or stops responding and staring at blank walls.... :sad:
  12. Awww..Im so sorry! Your baby is such a cutie, I'm sending you some ((HUGS)) Give him a big ol' hug for me too!!!!