Anyone's doggie have allergies? Help!

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  1. So spring is here and everything is in bloom, including allergies for dogs and cats! My doxie is not happy. She is on a medication from the vet, but she still bites and itches. She does not have hair loss or anything, but does anyone know if there is anything that can be used topically to ease the itching? Can you use liquid benedryl on dogs?:confused1:
  2. [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica]First, I am not a veterinarian... Please never start or continue any veterinary medical treatment/program for your pet without the supervision of your pet's veterinarian. Information I share are my from my experience and knowledge in the profession and only for general information purpose only. They should NEVER replace the advice of your pet's veterinarian.

    [/FONT]I don't know if there is anything more in liquid Benedryl than regular tablets... Maybe flavors? You can give regular Benedryl (Diphenhydramine) to your pet, and that may be one of the medications your doggie is on. I am not aware of a successful topical antihistamine in the veterinary market. Ask your doggie's veterinarian. He/she should help you if you see your dog being very uncomfotable...
  3. You may want to get some Biotin and mix it in their food. I use it on my dogs and seems to alleviate some of the itching. Also, I switched their diet, a number of years ago, to raw food. Something about the amount of time regular dog food stays in the dog's system causes excess itching.

    Good luck.
  4. One of my dogs has terrible allergies (though hers don't kick in until late summer), and the only thing that really does anything for her is Benadryl (we use tablets, not liquid, so I don't know about that). You should discuss this with your veterinarian because of the dosing instructions, and you don't want to mix medications without knowing if it's okay.

    We feed our dogs flaxseed oil, which is good for their skin, coats, and organs. When the air is very dry (like in the winter) we keep a humidifier going, at least overnight, because the other dog gets dry skin. Another thing you can try is brewing chamomile tea, letting it chill, then applying it to their itchy skin. It's supposed to be soothing.
  5. Thanks ladies, great tips. Both of my dogs eat cooked organic turkey, brocoli and grain free kibble/dry. I will try some of the ideas.
  6. My dog is VERY allergic to fleas. I use special shampoo on her and I have a lotion I can put on her skin too that I got from the vet. I say ask your vet and see what they recommend. Also, if your dog is allergic to fleas be sure to keep them on flea control all the time. My vet said to do it regularly even if I don't see fleas.
  7. My vet recommends Bendadryl, 1 mg per pound of the dog.

    I use the Children's liquid kind and mix it with a tiny bit of yogurt, etc.
  8. My dog tends to gnaw at her leg area a lot for no apparent reason.. I am not too sure if its allergies but it obrbaly is. So the vet recommended a medicated shampoo and to leave it on for 15 minutes or so and then to wash it out and to continue this atelast once a week. It has helped out a lot. she doesn't scratch as much. OTherwise she used to bite her skin until the fur came off and created a really nasty rash :sad:

    We also purchased something called Grannick's bitter apple. It's a spray that is supposed to prevent dogs and cats from scratching themselves.
  9. Please see your veterinarian about the allergies! I am a veterinarian, and there are several new and old therapies which are excellent at controlling atopy (environmental allergies.) Ask about Atopica, Genesis (triamcinilone) spray, Gentived spray, Derm Caps, Hydroxizine and steriods. PLEASE DO NOT USE RAW FOOD DIETS!!!!! There are several prescription diets available for allergy dogs if there is a food component. I hope the itches stop soon! It seems like all the allergy dogs are especially bad this year. Good Luck!

  10. I guess I am not totally sure what a raw food diet really it. I am feeding my female the exact diet that the DVM at the Vet Oncology Center recommended. The doggie was a rescue and has mammary cancer due to being used as a breeder ***** for 6 years and not spayed:tdown:.
  11. Your diet sounds great!
    Many people advocate raw meat for their dogs-the latest studies show an alarming percentage of Salmonella and E. coli in those diets! Our dogs can get the same diseases we can from raw meat.
    I wish everyone would spay their dog. Mammary cancers can be challenging to remove. The risk for these cancers is almost nil if people would spay before the first heat cycle. It was lovely of you to take her!
  12. ^^ Thanks for clearing that up! My gosh dogs should not eat raw food. They also should not eat bones from the butcher, for the same reasons. Well, the good news is today she was re-staged and had a chest radiograph and ultrasound on her abdomen, and was totally clear! She had chemo from Oct through Feb and we may have really slowed it down. We are very happy.
  13. Oh Irishgal, congrats on the good news with her recheck! She is still in remission~~~! :yahoo:
  14. Dr. lizavet8! I have yet to meet a vet with a sophisticated taste of Hermes (by looking at your most wanted list)! I am a RVT in SoCA! Where do you practice?

    Sorry, :back2topic: