Anyone's been to Marysville and Burlington outlets (WA)?

  1. Anything good at the Marysville and Burlington outlets? I was hoping to go today but down with a bad flu. Hoping I can go this weekend.
  2. Are you looking for something specific? Because I was just there today (Marysville). I spent way too much money on Keychains and Charms. If you like pink there is a bunch of stuff. Today was a really nice day to shop because it wasn't too crowded. Or at least it wasn't first thing in the morning.
  3. Kerri, were there cute french wallets and wristlets? Do you remember what were the pink bags? I don't think they carry signature. And any legacy/Bleecker stuff everyone is talking about here? Oh I wish I wasn't sick today..........booooowhooooo
  4. Oh oh oh Kerri, I know what I'm looking for now - ergo patent hobo and matching wristlet/mini skinny!!!!
  5. I didn't see any of those, but then again I'm not a big patent leather fan, so I might have filtered them out of my brain.

    I did see some Gallery Totes in Red with Patent Leather trim. They had both East West Gallery Totes and North South ones. I think they had another color other than red, but I was a little fixated on the red that I didn't notice what other color there was.

    The pink was all mini signature. They had a couple of different styles, like a duffle style and a couple of shoulder types. I can't remember exactly. I think most of the Legacy stuff was gone, but you never know there might be one or two left.
  6. Thanks Kerri, that's really good to know. I hope I might get a chance to go this weekend but also thinking of going later in the month as the girls here are talking about the Bleeckers stuff hitting the outlets then.
  7. You can always call them too. Especially if you call during the week, the SA's are usually willing to let you know what they have and don't have. (360) 651-0956 in case you don't have the phone number. They might even know if they are scheduled to get something in or not.