Anyone's babies have/had eczema?

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  1. DS had been diagnosed with mild eczema since he was 2 months old. It would be red, and itchy but I'd use 1% hydrocortizone cream and it would eventually get better.

    For a while he had cradle cap, and we used a dandruff shampoo, and that got better.

    But when he was five months, the eczema came back with a vengeance! We were prescribed a steroid cream that keeps the redness down, but now its on his cheeks, and when he rubs them, it becomes infected. He is constantly irritated, and no longer sleeps well through the night. He has been on antibiotics, and it has cleared up for a couple of days. Then he managed to get his little paws on them during the night, and it became infected again.

    We have been to the doctors several times, and we have been through a series of antibiotics (oral and topical) that does clear it up but nothing really keeps the eczema at bay. The doctor told us that it will get better when the warmer weather comes.

    Has anyone experienced this with their child, especially the kind of eczema where its on the face and tends to get infected (oozes)? Are there any remedies you recommend?

  2. OMG!!!! As soon as I saw the topic, I had to check this out.

    My daugther has eczema eversince she was maybe about 2mos or so. We had issues with her cradle cap also.. it was so bad that all her hair almost fell off when she was a teeny tiny baby. I tried to use everything that is out there for her cradle cap (J&J, Mustela, etc), but it didn't work.

    I would take my DD to her pedia almost every month because of her eczema outbreak because I want to know what is wrong with her.. why she's having these break outs. She was prescribed with .5% hydrocortizone, then up to 1% later on, then some steroid containing oitments.. argh! it was horrible because I feel sooo awful seeing my DD's skin condition worsen by the day with all those meds I am applying on her.

    Anyway, after all those trials and errors with meds/topical ointments.. her pedia decided to do a full panel blood test (DD was about 6mos at that time) on her to see if she's allergic to any food. Lo' n behold, we found out that she was allergic mostly to peanuts and eggs. Her pedia said to check the ingredients of food being given to my DD, make sure it doesn't contain peanuts or eggs because it can also cause skin breakouts. So I did that 'til she turned 1y/o 'coz her pedia said that usually babies outgrow these food allergies when they turn 1y/o because their digestive system is more mature at this time. Luckily, once DD turned 1y/o, she didn't breakout as much when she eats any peanuts or eggs.. but she still experience some eczema due to the weather - it's not as bad as before because of the food she wasn't supposed to be eating like when she was a baby.

    SOOOO, eczema is also caused by weather. When it gets TOO cold and TOO hot, expect for dry/kinda sandpaper like skin from your baby. Apply lotion all throughout the day. I use Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream. Since I started using that, my DD's skin is like what a baby's skin should be like.. soft and smooth. LOL

    Also my pedia said to use fragrance free detergents on my baby's clothes and do only use fragrance free lotion (Aveeno Baby lotion was highly recommended by my pedia), OR Aquaphor (my baby's skin didn't like the petroleum jelly, so this didn't work out for us).

    When bathing your baby.. instead of using regular baby soap, use Cetaphil.

    Also during warm/cold weathers.. just dress your baby in pure cotton clothes.. my pedia said that babies with eczema has very sensitive skin (obviously! lol), therefore extra care when clothing them because their skin needs to "breathe". From then on, I never let my DD use clothes that are fleece, not even blankets because you will notice that their skin texture will be reddish when you use them on your baby.

    phew! sorry for the long response.. I just want to share with you what I've found out and learned throughout this whole learning process I had with my daughter. So with my 2nd baby, I am making sure also that I do not use any J&J products, but only Aveeno and Cetaphil. My Pedia told me that J&J have harsh chemicals that irriatates babies with sensitive skin (of course we don't know if our baby has sensitive skin until they get skin breakouts and such).

    Good Luck and I hope your baby's skin gets better in no time.

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  3. aww, poor boy. Have you tried soy based formula instead of dairy based? i heard that helps.

    my son had eczema but it went away when i stopped breastfeeding, strange...
  4. My son is now 12 but he suffered terribly w/ eczema until he was about 8 years old. his was triggered by weather changes...especially summer to fall. Bathing w/ Cetaphil helped alot also but we ended up having to go to the dermatologist for ointment. When he turned 2 we started using Elidel, and that was the charm. It worked great. I'm happy to say that he outgrew it.

    Good luck!

  5. oh this one too! I forgot to mention that my DD's formula was changed from dairy based to soy. Up to know, she drinks half soy and half lactaid.

    My Mom told me to stop breastfeeding my DD when she was about 3mos old because she might be allergic to some of the foods I've been eating, but I didn't really stop breastfeeding until she was 6mos old. I wanted to be able to breastfeed her for at least 6mos because of the nutrients/benefits of breastfeeding. But I did felt awful, it's just a weird thought (I felt a lil pang in my heart thinking) that your baby is allergic to your breastmilk.
  6. My ds had pretty severe eczema on his cheeks and backs of legs around 4-6 months. Unfortunately a steroid (Elidel since discontinued) we used on him and with him scratching constantly, caused him to get an infection in his legs and he had to go into the hospital. So you can understand we are extremely wary of prolonged use of any medications on his skin.

    He's 5 now, and he's got the worse case of it on his lips. We've tried everything in balms -- he has multiple severe allergies, so we have to be careful none of the balms contain soy, oats, cocoa, seed or nut based oils, quite limiting... someone gave me a "potent" chinese herbal cream but I refuse to use it... it's unlabeled and I have no way of knowing what the ingredients are, who knows it could be steroid-laden... no thanks.

    His eczema flares up with weather changes, mainly rain-humidity-sudden temp drops, he is that sensitive. His eczema appears to be cyclical as well - he'll be fine for a couple of months, then for some unknown reason it flares up again and repeats.

    The best thing that worked when he was a few years older was prolonged baths with unscented soaps like Dove, followed by a slathering of Vanicream (developed by Mayo Clinic docs and can be purchased online). He'll itch quite a bit coming out of the bath but once the cream penetrates, he's better.

    Hang in there... I know what it felt like the first few years, I was worried sick for ds everytime the weather changed, or if he ate something that aggravated his condition. You could see the reddening under his skin surfacing in quick order.

    I would highly recommend your child goes to a pediatric allergist (ear nose throat office) and get tested for allergies when he is old enough. If there is an allergy, you can quickly eliminate the food or object from your baby's diet and/or environment. (A person using Aquaphor for years and years with minimal relief found out they were allergic to wool... one of the ingredients in Aquaphor!)

    sorry msg is so long if your baby's condition isn't this severe... maybe it can help other moms...
  7. I didn't know babies could be allergic to the foods you eat. thanks for sharing. my son eats solid foods now but he doesn't seem to be allergic to anything, or did he grow out of it?:confused1:

  8. Yeah, that was just my Mom's suggestion, since we couldn't seem to pinpoint at that time the real cause of my DD's breakouts. Apparently, there were A LOT of factors causing her skin rashes (aside from her having eczema).. like the weather, certain foods she eats, fabric material of her clothes, etc. So, my Mom suggested that I can stop breastfeeding my DD for a while to see if it will help ease my DD's skin condition. I didn't stop (bad mommy!) breastfeeding, I just became more conscious of what I eat (no junk foods, chocolates.. anything with peanuts/nuts contents, oats, eggs.. just basically, eating healthy).

    My DD, TG!, outgrew these food allergies but not her eczema. That is why I still use Aveeno Baby Lotion and Cetaphil Soap. My DD's skin liked the Aveeno Lotion and eversince I found out the BIG difference in my DD's skin.. that's what I've been using ever since.
  9. My husband has eczema, although he's learned more and more ways to control it. I'm sure the doctor already told you all these hints, but I'll say them anyway:
    No hot or very warm baths or water, only non-scented detergant and body soap he likes Dove, no fabric softener, no wool, etc... They are similar to two chubbycheeks hints above.

    Your poor baby.
  10. hi there sorry to hear about your boy my little one had it when she was small i stayed away from steriods and actually went to a homeopathic doctor. he prescribed the following treament no soap only herbs used when bathing after her bath i would apply loads of olive oil and wrap her in a warm towel wait for the oil to soak in ( using only extra virgin olive oil) this really worked for her and although she has dry skin and i still only bath her maybe twice a week the eczema has not come back . i also still only bathe her in the herb solution that the homoe doc perscribed . just a different veiw point hope it helps:hugs:
  11. My kids have eczema. It has never gotten to their face. I do ONLY use Cetaphil lotion wash when it's bad (you don't have to rinse it if you don't want). Water dries out skin. I also use EUCERIN. Most brands of moisturizers and lotions don't really work. These are specifically made to not have fragrance and to not irritate the skin. I do use Burt's Bees baby wash when their skin isn't too dry. I do notice that natural products work best when they aren't experiencing a flare-up. I figure if I can pronounce all of the words on the back, its a good thing.

    All dermatologists always recommend Cetaphil & Eucerin b/c they are the best over the counter products. Good luck. I know how much it sucks. My DS scratches and scratches if I take his onesie off at all. I feel so bad!
  12. Same here!! When he had cradle cap, the crust would fall off when he gets shampooed, and there would be bits of hair in it! We have switched to Dove Sensitive Skin soap, but now I'll probably change it to Cetaphil, since a lot resources are saying that this is a good brand of soap. I only dress him in cotton clothes too now. We use lukewarm, and quick baths now too. We seem to have the eczema on his body under control except for the occasion flare ups, but the eczema on his cheeks gets infected frequently!

    Thanks for all your advice!:flowers:
  13. I'm curious too if he is actually allergic to any foods, but the doctor thinks its absolutely weather related. If it doesn't get better at all, I will schedule another appointment and discuss allergies with him. He is mainly getting breast milk, and I've stopped the solids for now because of the eczema on his face. He'll have an occasional bottle of formula when we are out.

    What aggravates the eczema on his face the most is when he scratches, and when he rubs his face against anything close to him, and his saliva (he does a lot of raspberries now lol).
  14. Thank you! I'll definitely have to ask my doctor for an allergist referral. I'm not so sure if it has to do with the weather anymore.:sad:

  15. You're welcome, jen~

    I hope your son's skin condition gets better soon. I know how awful it feels as a mother seeing your baby like that. I felt the same way with my DD. I can feel her itching myself whenever I would look at her when she had that.

    My DD actually looks like your DS when she was that age, having that rosey cheeks and rashes on her cheeks also. I even had to have wear mittens (although she always tries to take it off) - just so she wouldn't be able to scratch her head and I plastered her head with sterile gauze also so she can't scratch her head and it'll heal soon. hehehehe.. I tried EVERYTHING~

    Also, like the other poster had mentioned above.. try to bathe your DS with lukewarm, kinda cold water esp during the hot/summer days. Because our babies with sensitive skin hate hot waters.