Anyone's azur got dirty yet???

  1. Hi everyone! I reallly reallllllly want a azur:heart: but my Ma says its not prectical etc and you will hate it because it will get dirty so quickly!:crybaby:
    Is this true, has anyone's got dirty already?
    Also what are everyones views on the timeless chic of this line?:shrugs: Do you think it will age quickly?:smile:

    Thanks everyone! just in two minds of either to get azur or reg damier xx
  2. The damier azur is a coated canvas & can be wiped clean, the vachetta straps/trim can be cleaned & conditioned with a good leather treatment just like the mono bags. You probably needn't worry about them too much, azur is such a pretty color & I hope you get a bag that you love.
  3. keep it clean! keep baby wipes with no alcohol in them around the house! i am sure you will be just fine! go for it!
  4. I have used my mini and cles every day for at least 2-3 months; just gave them a break this week. No problems, and one night blue soda got spilled all over cles at walmart. Just wiped clean. no problems at all. I love the light damier, very fresh.
  5. I have wondered the same thing about the Azur line. It just seems to require more maintenance than the regular Damier pieces, despite the coated canvas. I don't actually own anything from the Azur line but I would imagine that it wouldn't age gracefully unless you took really good care of it. I tend to prefer lower maintenance bags. Someone please correct me if my assessment is wrong
  6. thanks everyone! if its coated then it sounds great!, do you think the bag will age or will age gracefully like the rest of the LV bags?
  7. It's just as easy to clean as monogram canvas. Mine got somewhat dirty because I carried outside of an antigua, but it came off just like that (wipe with cold water and cloth) and now it looks brand new.
  8. All LV bags are created to age gracefully. No worries. :tender:
  9. **double post** :shame:
  10. I used my Speedy only once so far :shame:, but I don't think it will get dirty easily. It's the same as Mono or regular Damier, you can wipe everything off.
  11. Once you get your hands on an Azur piece I am sure you will baby this bag b/c of the color & trust me you will love it. I bought the mini pochette first then a few weeks later the reg pochette, I want a speedy for the spring/summer, & an Azur Cles for my denim mini pleaty.

    Can you tell I love Azur?

    By the way, when I told my friend ( an LV fan ) about Azur before it came out she really didn't like it but when she went to pick up her epi speedy 2 weeks ago she saw Azur and now she really likes it. It's def. a piece that you will love & it looks so much better IRL.
  12. like the others have said, no worries! :biggrin:
    Just don't take a marker and start drawing on it............;)
  13. nope my speedy hasn't gotten dirty yet, I've used it a good amount of times for the past 3 months and no problems yet. Just vachetta starting to darken.
  14. Mine hasn't gotten dirty.