1. work from home? What do you do?
  2. Just started planning to work from home...not sure what to do yet?

    anyone...any ideas would be great...thanks
  3. i work from home.. well.. i am supposed to be writing my dissertation.. that is my work for now..
  4. I run an embrodiery / handbag business out of my basement.

    I do embroidery for local schools and golf courses. Make custom embroideried purses and just about anything that needs embroidering. I also started my own web site where I sell handbags. Not Gucci, LV etc. But hope to build up to it. I do carry BCBG, Melie Bianco, Marc Chantal, and a great Italian handbag Carbotti.

    Started the embroidery part two years ago and started selling online in July.
  5. I work part-time at home. I'm a writer!!
  6. I work from home, tax & legal consulting
  7. I work from home as a SAHM! It's a 24/7 job!
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