Anyone you are missing for the Holidays??

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  1. Whether it be a loved one who can't be with you, a family member who can't make it to where you are, a friend who you usually see but won't this year, is there anyone(s) who you wish were with you for your Holiday that can not be there?

    Just thought we could all share and talk a little about the people we miss, love, and wish were with us! :love:

    I will go first, of course. Vlad and I will be together on New Years Eve, but he is in Germany with his family now and I am in Florida. I really wish we could be together to celebrate Christmas tomorrow- after all he really is my family so I wish he could be here with me. but I do look forward to when we can finally be together everyday and for everyday and even start our own family! (hey, I like to think ahead) :love:

    Secondly, my extended family who I am close with are in Ohio celebrating together- all 24 of them. My family is down in Florida- but next year we hope to make it up to be with all of them.

    Lastly, both of my grandpa's who have passed away. I always miss them (was really close wit them) and during Holiday's we all remember them and wish they were with us. :heart:

    What about you? (hope this doesn't become a tear jerker thread, just something to remember those we love and miss!)
  2. I miss my mom and dad. both are gone now. this is the first Christmas w/o both of them. :sad:
  3. My grandfather...he passed away a year ago (just before last Christmas) so this time of year will always be bittersweet for me...he was my absolute soul and spirit and will always be the one person who I can honestly say has influenced me in more ways than any single other person.

    Cheers Gander!! :drinks: You're always here with me!

    (sorry guys...kinda of mushy, but so true...)
  4. I'm missing my grandmother (2002), my mom (2004) and my grandfather who recently passed away this year in august. :crybaby: :cry:
  5. I hope this thread is not too upsetting!! Just wanting to say hi to the people we love and miss! :heart:
  6. well.

    my immediate family is already on their way to vegas. i won't see them until tmr (christmas) afternoon b/c i have work here.

    also my dad's side of the family is in hk and my grandmother (mother's side) will stay with my uncle, we try to get together but there is an ongoing feul between my dad and their family soo..

  7. My beloved grandfather passed away on Christmas Eve in 1989 after battling Parkinson's disease for many years. I'm tearing up even now just writing this. Every year it gets a little easier, but I miss him terribly.
  8. Megs -- Don't feel bad or worry. For those of us who have lost someone (my dad died last year), this can only help and not hurt. I think we want people to remember our loved ones (and, in some ways, our loss) and it is on our mind a lot so it actually helps when people ask.
  9. That is what I was hoping. I just know it is hard to say these things, but really nice to remember these people we love so much- and let them know we are thinking about them :shame: :heart:
  10. My family is in malaysia and i will be spending x'mas this year with my friends. This is the 3rd x'mas without my family and it really hurts so bad. I miss them very much!!
  11. My grandpa died earlier this year... Due to the things that happened while he was dying I'm still not over the whole thing... Dad seems particularly depressed and I just wish I could make it better :sad:
  12. Miss my dad he was born on Christmas and it's been 30 years. I miss my mom, my baby brother, sister-in-law, and nephew, niece, and baby nephew, because I had to move 3,000 miles away away from them.:sad:
  13. my grandma, who died in september (pursegrrl- she died of parkinson's, and i was there when she passed. it's hard as hell to watch...). i was her only granddaughter, so we both loved going shopping and doing all that girly stuff together.

    other than that, i just wish my family was here- even though they drive me crazy. they're all down in florida, and it sucks being alone for the holidays. i wish so much that i could see my niece (6) and nephew (3) on christmas day (and, like they always do, have them wake me up at 6am to open presents, lol). i love those kids so freaking much...

    and i wish my dog was here, too. this house is too big to be in all alone...

    oh well...:sad:

  14. its not upsetting at all! it helps to know that there are alot of people out there in the same boat. keeps me from starting my own pity party KWIM? we all have so much to be thankful for and all my friends here at the forum are actually one of this years blessings for me!

    Merry Christmas everyone!:love:
  15. My grandfather passed away this year at the age of 98, and my aunt at the age of 85. They will both be missed.