Anyone writing for NaNoWriMo??

  1. Good Lord, How have I missed this? Sounds like it was made for me! :lol:

    Thanks for posting this, winona77!!!
  2. Seems like fun. Thanks for sharing. I love to write.
  3. No problem!! It's really a lot of fun. It's hard if you are a perfectionist, but nonetheless satisfying!!
  4. omgosh this sounds so cool!!
    I can't believe I havnt heard about this...
    ohhh i might do it!!!
  5. Thanks! This is great!
  6. Do IT!!!
  7. That's really cool!!
  8. I did it for 2004 and 2005, and won both times. It was a fantastic and fun challenge-even if it's so stressful. I'm traveling 3 weekends out of the month this time, so I opted not to do it.

    Good luck! Week 3 is a real killer-for some reason everyone wants to give up halfway through week 3, but just hit your daily word limit and keep pushing through it!
  9. Wah!!

    This is TOO cool! Hee. I've never heard of this, but I've emailed my best friend about it, and I'll do it if she does! :yes:
  10. Never heard of it either....sounds like fun! I might try it but I'm already a week past the start date...
  11. My friend was, but in the end, it's too demanding so he dropped out.

    I would have liked to, but I think I probably would have come to the same end as him ! :shame:
  12. The last two Novembers I've been so excited about it and try my best. Thus far, I have two short stories which were destined to be novels two years in a row. I adore writing. I am not good at it but its just something I've always done.
  13. geezus sounds like fun but maaaaan i dont think i have that much to say!
  14. I know people who do Nano every year. For some reason now half way through the month a small idiotic part of me is like I could do it. Realistically I think I'm full of crap. BUt mayeb I will be able to amass something of quality work.