Anyone write their bbags off for work purposes?

  1. A gal I work for from home part time is an educational consultant. Her accountant told her if she could fit a document in her bag, she could write it off.

    I'll be darned if I can convince my husband of this! But, it won't stop me from trying!LOL:graucho:
  2. :wtf: Bbags as writeoffs?? That would be sooo amazing!!
  3. I think you could do that with the "Work" bag as it is actually named as such! hahah sounds good! too bad I'm a SAHM.
  4. Couture: :lol: My gf has done it w/coach bags. Her acct. says if she carries her materials in it to trade shows, conventions, etc., she can do it legally.

    Water: That's exactly :nuts:what I told my husband!!! He still said no.
  5. I think if you are itemizing work deductions already then it could fly :shrugs:

    But if you aren't then even th $1385 is below the threshold where it would matter.

    Being able to use a bag for work sure help me justify the purchase though! :graucho:
  6. wow that's awesome!
  7. Eeek. Be careful. If your accountant is signing off (as in, accepting liability for any mistakes), then fine, but that really sounds like it borders on tax fraud to me.

    Sorry to be a party pooper!
  8. Oh, golly, If only "looking fabulous" could be a line item deduction. wouldn't that be nice?!
  9. I can fit a document in my day bag! I never have, but shhhhh...don't tell!
  10. Amen!!

  11. Sadly my DH and I both work from home offices and end up maxing out our work deductions as they are. Plus I don't really think he would go for that! Quite an idea, though.;)
  12. I Wish I Could!!! :lol:
  13. I had not thought of this! What a wonderful idea!:tup:
  14. wouldn't that be nice!!! :girlsigh:
  15. hmmm I will have to check this out!! I work from home as an ed. consultant too ...