Anyone work with their pets?

  1. I am working at home this year for the most part and so I am by necessity working with my cat. While it's obvious that she likes to have me home all day, I'm also having trouble establishing boundaries with her - she thinks I'm home to pet her all day! She jumps on me and the keyboard if I'm not paying attention to her and cries and cries. She also tends to destroy things - she'll shred papers, anything to get my attention...any suggestions for establishing some boundaries during the day while I'm trying to get work done? I'm happy to have her around, I just need her to chill out during my work hours. I'm always happy to play on the off hours!

    PS: Shutting her out of my office isn't an option because I live in an open floor plan apartment.
  2. ^^^I have the same problem with my bulldog.....however she don't pounce on my keyboard:hrmm: I just ignore her and give her no attention until I am ready, she ussually gets the hint. They are kinda like children, any attention is better than none.

    I can also crate her if need be......can you crate cats:confused1: never really owned (or been owned) by one.
  3. I would crate her while you need to work.
  4. Thank you for the suggestions, but crating her....ooooohh....that would be the fight of the century, lol! She'd be a howling, screaming mess. It may be a good suggestion, though, for cat owners in my position, my cat is just a neurotic little thing that cannot stand cages or closed doors. She howls when the bathroom door closes even!

    I'm going to try focused periods of playtime, maybe 10 min every hour or something? Like, groom her for 10 min, and then go back to work? Maybe it will calm her down some, or maybe not. Worth a try I guess!
  5. I work from home on Thursdays, and we have 2 cats. My boy meows and meows solution is to squirt him with the squirt bottle until he's quiet. Obviously, I make sure he's fed and doesn't have a legitimate reason to meow before squirting!!