Anyone work in the cosmetics industry? Considering a biiiig career change.

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  1. A few of you may know my current contract assignment is wrapping up soon - a little sooner than expected - so I am back at networking full speed and the job hunt. This is my 3rd summer in a row job hunting, coincidentally (each gig has been around a year or less). While unstable overall, it's been an amazing opportunity to plug in and out of very different work cultures and learn more about what I *really* want to do when I grow up :biggrin:.

    Can someone like me who comes from IT project management-related fields switch to the cosmetics industry or am I crazy. :nuts: There is an opening at a locally owned and operated company in the area here that I am considering applying for and am in the process of writing a cover letter explaining why I would be a great asset to them. It's basically being a right-hand to the CEO of the company. It would be a radical shift (and likely a pay cut) but it's something I'm so passionate about I think I could make a go of it with some heavy duty selling of my current skills and experience and how they are essentially portable no matter the industry.

    Anyone work in the industry? Would appreciate any words of wisdom, advice...all is welcome! ;)

  2. I think that would be awesome, PG. I am the right hand to a CEO, and have been for many years in various industries, but never the cosmetics industry. That would be right up my ally. I know you're a PM and that yes, it probably would mean a pay cut, but some of these positions like mine do pay really well - and for me job satisfaction is more important than pay as long as I'm making enough to live comfortably.

    I have formal training and a certifcate in PM from a very reputable school in my city and that has always been seen as an asset in my getting these 'right hand to the CEO' positions. I, however, have no desire to be an actual PM.

    I think this could be great for you and you should go for it. The perks could be amazing!!
  3. GO FOR IT! Whats the worst that could happen? All they can say is no.
  4. Go for it!!!! And good luck!
  5. Pursegrrl

    I work in the cosmetic industry and I love what I do. Its super great to really love what you do every day.
  6. NOT crazy!! That would be an amazing career change! Go for it and wishing you the best of luck!
  7. literally bring tears to my eyes. I will keep you posted!
  8. ^ What area of cosmetics are you most interested in?
  9. Pursegrrl,
    That would be a great career change! it would be great doing something you loved everyday.. keep us posted!
  10. DO ITTTTT!!!

    I can completely picture you doing something in the cosmetics industry. I know how passionate you are about beauty and I think you'd do great anywhere! Give it a go!! And good luck auntie!
  11. Go for it. I've been playing with the idea of going into the Cosmetology field for awhile.. and recently decided to go to Cosmetology school. Don't really have a game plan yet, but I want to mix my Business and Marketing Degrees with it.

  12. Awww, that's cus we luvs you Pursegirl!:hugs::smooch:
  13. I have been thinking about the exact same thing - something in either cosmetics or handbags. My only downfall is that I don't have any retail experience. I recently applied at the local Von Maur but was turned down. They conducted a phone interview which I was totally unprepared for and found myself rambling. I am usually great at interviews but this caught me off guard. Too bad for them because I know my products very well and I could have sold them a lot of stuff. Oh well, it must not have been meant to be.
  14. A great hint for everyone trying to get into the Cosmetics industry. Just email cosmetic companies even if they don't say they are hiring. When I first started out I did this and I got a ton of responses.