Anyone work in a hospital, where do you put your purse?

  1. Im in nursing school and there is no place for me to put my purse, all of the nurses just leave their purses and coats out in the locker room, some people have lockers but students do not get them. I am thinking of just leaving my bag in the car but even there it can be stolen. Or maybe put it inside my bookbag so no one can see it. I put my wallet always in my scrub pocket.
  2. Why don't you get one? Are there any free? If there are, I would politely ask if you would be able to use one since you are concerned about the possibility of your things being stolen.

    Do you absolutely need to have your purse with you when you go to work? When I worked at an Elementary School, I only took my drivers license and some cash in a mini skinny on my keys.

    Do you have any co-worker friends that have lockers? Maybe you could ask one of them if it would be alright for you to stow your purse away in there until it's time for you to go home?
  3. Due to the lack of accomodations, I had to suck it up and leave the purse and home and just carry cash, CC, id and cell in my pocket
  4. My mum is a nurse and she keeps her handbag in the larget drawer in the office desk. Then again, she's a senior.
  5. When I was in nursing school doing clinicals we weren't provided any secure places to store our belongings. Usually on the floor of the locker room or in the break room where everyone has access. I usually locked my purse in my trunk and just brought a small wallet or wristlet with my ID, credit card and some cash.
  6. ^ i was going to say the same thing about keeping your purse in the trunk of the car.
  7. wow cool. good thing i read this thread! im starting nursing school in march! :smile:
  8. thank u for the advice, i just stuck everything i needed in my coach mini skinny and keep in in my scrub pants :smile:. since i am a student i have no where to put my stuff. when i get a permanent job they will give me a locker though :smile:.