Anyone work for free (but not volunteering)?

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  1. The situation is this: I'm doing the practice to obtein the papers saying I did it. I need those papers to take the exam of abilitation as lawyer.
    Well, my practice lasts 2 years. I'm in a certain office from about 4 months. I don't see a single penny. I make money at work but don't get neither the money to take to train that brings me home!!!! Today I asked the boss to have one afternoon per week free to find a small job (giving lessons and help with homeworks to children) and he said that may be ok but he has to speak to the patner (second boss) first. I'm so angry!!! :cursing::cursing::cursing:
    So, is there anyone who has a similar condition for 2 YEARS??? Sometimes I would like to give up and find a job, other times I think I like my job and the efforts will be paid, then again I think, well, even if I pass that hard exam, what about my future? I don't have any job or income guarantee... anyone so scared about the future?
  2. Internships here in the states are usually shorter, summers are common or months to a year.
  3. aw alice that sucks! atleast you have us to moan to and give moral support though!
  4. sister use to work for free in restaurants all the time, just to get the feel of different environments and have a few extra things to put on her resume.

    Hang in there, it'll be worth it in the end!
  5. Alice, that doesn't sound fair at all. Can you change firms or work place? These bosses know you are a good worker and they are taking advantage of you. Perhaps you can find another business who will appreciate you more and give you time to find a job with income. You cannot be their slave!

    They should accomodate you the best they can and you asking for ONE afternoon a week is NOT much. Do not be afraid to speak up for your rights! Sit down with both of them and show them what you do, how much bu$ine$$ you bring and remind them that one thing you like about them is their fairness and goodwill towards others and that you deserve the same.
  6. Thank you ladies for your comments!! :smile:
    I didn't reply you before because I didn't notice there were replies!!

    You know, what makes me angry is also that some months ago there was a lady who worked just 2 hours a day for 4 days (a total of 8 hours a week) while it's compulsory at least 20!!! So why she could do what she want and I have to beg for 4 hours free?!? That sucks!

    Unfortunately the lawyers who give something to people who is doing the practice are few. I know some but as you can imagine they're all ok with workers!! :sad:

    I'm so angry with this system! Lawyers that help the workers then don't care for workers' rights. I can't wait to finish this practice!!!

    Twinkle.tink: I can understand if they are not paid for some months but 2 years are too much, especially when you're 25 (and I'm one of the youngest! There are people over the 30's!) and maybe one day would like to have a family!

    Gr8heart, tomorrow is the day! After my request of Thursday afternoon I will speak him again tomorrow and I hope all works fine without any problems! I keep my fingers crossed :smile:

    Thanks also Cherry-pie and LV-lover! :flowers:
  7. Good luck tomorrow, Alice!

    Don't be afraid to ask for what is right, if you never do, they will continue to take advantage of you and your youth and hard work. You are not asking for much, so do not allow them to make you feel bad. You can do this!:biguns:
  8. Good news: I have the Thursday's afternoon free! :smile:
    Thanks girls for your support!! :kiss:
  9. I've never heard of such long time for a practice. My practice was only for the summer months, teaching Art to kids in a less fortunate part of town. Best time I had in ages!

    Either way, I think you should look into your options. I firmly believe it shouldn't last for so long. Sure, it'll give you experience and look fab on your resume, but I'd be concerned. We all need the cash!
  10. you gotta take risks and make sacrifices to get what you want in life. hard work does pay off in the end so stick with it as long as you can or you may kick yourself and wonder, "what if" years from now.
  11. I know that I have to make efforts but I don't think I have to pay to go to work! I mean, I pay (or better, my parents!) the ticket trains and I'm lucky I have enough time to go home to have lunch, otherwise I have to spend that money too.

    The law requires 2 years of practice, it's compulsory and there is nothing else to do.