Anyone work for a Big 4 Accounting Firm?

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  1. Just wanted to know if anyone here works for a Big 4 Accounting Firm? That is: Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Pricewaterhousecoopers, or KPMG. I am interested in an internship and wanted to know how it is like to work there and if there is any inside info on how to land a job :graucho:

    Thank you in advance! ;)
  2. My boyfriend has worked for 3 out of those 4. He internshiped at KPMG a few years ago, then he moved to a full time position at EY, and now he is at Deloitte. He started his internship at KPMG in southern california and worked for EY and Deloitte in San Francisco. He just started at Deloitte over the summertime. You can PM me your questions and I will pass them on to him.
  3. That is awesome! What department does he work in? Auditing or Tax? :smile:
  4. Hi Daffie,

    my boyfriend is currently working for Deloitte and will be starting at KPMG in February. As far as I know he straight up applied and went through the selection process. What really helped him was that he had a mentor from Deloitte which he got through his university as the mentor was a former student at that university. He really helped him make his CV and application perfect. Maybe your university offers help like that? I also know that they care a lot about excellent grades-especially at Deloitte so that is always a bonus I think.

    Hope that helps and good luck with your application!:yes:
  5. He is in tax.
  6. I do, what would you like to specifically know about the process?
  7. My boyfriend just got a job as a consultant for Deloitte and Touche in NYC... vvvveeeerrryy nice perks and bonuses, but he travels alot so I dont see him.. tough competition, nice offices and an expense account... lol
  8. Hey MarieG,

    Whats your boyfriends name, ill see if my BF knows yours.. lol :smile:
  9. I use to work for KPMG in audit and tax great place to intern if you want to become a CPA
  10. I'm trying to go for an internship. Do any of you have any advice? I know that it is very competitive. Just wondering if there is any advice on how to get my foot in the door. TIA! :smile:
  11. Thank you so much. I've heard that its all about networking so I have to get out there and meet people. My GPA is pretty low (3.3) compared to 4.0 students that I am surrounded by so I'm hoping that my work experience will help.
  12. The Big 4 generally recruits for interns directly from the universities. If your school is not one that they interview on-site, you should consider calling the local office in your area and ask talk to HR and HR should be able to get you to the right person. There's really no secret to what they are looking for, solid grades, great personality, team player, and enthusiatic.
  13. I interned with KPMG this past summer and was recruited from my school's career center. My GPA is not high, about 3.4 but what made a difference was my work experience and the way I presented it. Are you part of any accounting fraternities? That really helped me clinch the 2nd round interview because my interviewer was alumni. I guess sometimes it really depends on your rapport with the interviewer and if they are able to identify with your work experiences and issues and vice versa. Good luck with recruiting! Just to note: I was recruited for advisory and I'm not an accounting major, so maybe their specifications are a little different for each practice.
  14. My ex (well, kind of ex,:shrugs:) worked as an auditor for EY for 4 years. His schedule was horrible and the hours were soooo long (as in working from 7:30/8 a.m. until 8 pm. or so every night, and later during heavy audit season, til 10 p.m. or later and usually on Saturdays, for a half day). He quit and is now back in school getting a Ph.D. He traveled for about 4 months out of the year, only to come home on weekends most times, or for one day b/c he was placed on large corporate accounts or was the senior auditor in charge for a smaller out of state place. He was always overburdened and unhappy there.

    He was hired from university recruiting. Most people in his starting class did not stay more than 2 yrs. They did their time for the experience, filled the contract term and left for smaller firms or graduate study. He worked for one senior auditor that made this large hospital audit team work for a month straight w/o weekends off (b/c EY had promised to get the job done in x time) and late nights-they called that guy "Steroids" behind his back!

    Sorry for the rambling, but yes, he was hired through recruiting and never interned with them. Even though the hours were long and the pay structure was not great for the hours, he did get good benefits- they paid for his MBA at Notre Dame. They also had spousal/SO travel, so I was able to fly to spend the weekend w/ him sometimes when he did not have to work.
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