Anyone work(ed) for Nordies?

  1. I've got an interview with them on Thursday in the children's section, so I'm just wondering what to expect. I've got 2 years retail experience, a plus is that it was in the children's section in another department store.
    So just wondering what I can expect from the interview process! Thanks!
  2. I used to work in Salon Shoes, as a ringer. It was great as I got a discount! Just be friendly and well dressed! I am sure it will go great, you want to emphasize on your customer service since that is what Nordstrom strives for! Good Luck!
  3. how did it go???
  4. I have talked with current SA's at Nordstrom who say it isn't as great working there as one would think. I was so bummed to hear that. I hope that if you got the job, it is nothing but wonderful and you can prove this SA wrong.