Anyone wonder where all these HK ebay sellers get all their LVs?

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  1. I mean where do they all come from? They are pre-owned I know that but that many?
  2. You'll be surprised how many people carry LVs in HK. Keep in mind that HK is NOT a poor country.
  3. That's not what I was implying. It's just odd that the most sellers of authentic LV are from HK.

    I wonder where and how they get all the pre-owned ones? Is there a shop you turn yours in after a certain number of years? :supacool:
  4. Hong Kong has a HUGE resale market for LVs and other designer bags. There are re-sale boutiques that only deal in designer handbags and accessories.
  5. ^:yes:

    I'm sure plenty of Hong Kong women with lots of money to spend get tired of their bags easily and so they get a new bag. They bring the old one to consignment shops and have them sell it.
  6. I have been to HK once. My impression is every girl/lady has a few name brand bags, mostly LVs. My local friends told me that lots of young people there try to update their bags every season to catch up with the fashion trend.
  7. It's a smaller place, too, unlike the US. The designer lines being re-sold are concentrated in certain areas.

    HK is kind of like Japan, very fashion-conscious.
  8. Hong Kong tends to be brand crazy, though maybe not as much as Japan. Part of the reason is because many of the OLs (office ladies) still live with their parents. This means that they don't have to pay the sky-rocket high rents that takes up most of the people's salaries. Working for such long hours, many of them find solace in finding It bags or brand name bags. This might cost them most of their salaries, but other things such as saving up for an apartment seems so far-fetched because of the prices now. Most people buy bags, and resell them to get the newest "it" bags. That's why there is such a big resell market in Hong Kong such as Milan station that is piled with LVs, Hermes etc...
  9. Sweatshops. I guarantee it. My friend's scum dad owns one.
  10. :yes: :yes:
  11. I have lived in both Hong Kong and Japan.

    In Japan, every second lady has an LV on her arm! Seriously!
  12. :confused1:

  13. :yes: that's right. u'll see a lot of LVs wherever there are a lot of asians. I was at a Japanese supermarket "Mitsuwa" in New Jersey on Sunday, and I think I have probably seen more than 20 LV bags in the store (only real ones there, no fake) , including mine, heheheheee.....:wlae:

  14. huh :confused1: ?? please elaborate
  15. what about the new bags they sell? the new speedy? the miroir?