Anyone withdraw from Paypal?

  1. I was just wondering if there is a maximum amount of money that you can transfer to your bank account? I heard there is a $500 limit per month that can be withdrawn? Is that true? If so, that's kind of ridiculous, no? If you have $2,000 in your Paypal account, then what? You have to withdraw it in a span of a 4-month period?
  2. I think there may be limits on lower level accounts. You can always upgrade and withdraw more money. I'm sure the information is available on paypal somewhere.
  3. you can lift the limits, it's on the page somewhere...
  4. if you fully confirm your account, paypal will lift the limit. i however, did not trust paypal with my SS, nor did i want to pay to upgrade, so i'm stuck with the $500 monthly limit too!
  5. I've withdrawn a couple thousand dollars at a time, and I've never given PayPal my SSN. I do have a premier account, so maybe that's it. ???
  6. On a regular personal account, you can only withdraw up to $500.00 per month. After that you have to either upgrade your account to business or premier giving them your ss#. I went through this recently myself, so the limits are still fresh in my mind. This is for US customers as I understand it due to tax laws etc.
  7. Ew, I had no idea there were limits on that TOO! PP sucks sometimes. I recommend upgrading to a premier account--the fees for receiving money are lower, and they lift that limit. I routinely transfer thousands out of PP into my bank account with no issues.
    Another gripe that's separate but related:
    Even if you have a million dollars in your PP account (which I don't, sadly, LOL), you can only spend $3K a day maximum with your debit card. WTF? It's my money! I should be able to spend however much of it I want to! Grrr.
  8. upgrade to a premier acct then you have no limits
  9. Yes, although even with the Premier Account, Paypal will often contact you if there are unusual patterns of transactions as a security check - this has happened to me twice during particularly (rare!) profitable periods.
  10. uuughhh i wouldNEVER EVER give paypal my ss# i don't trust that company i deal with them but my bank acct i have linked to them has a ZERO balance at all times when i have to pay eBay fees then i deposit that amont only and not 1 cent more
  11. If you upgrade you will get charged a fee and ALL incoming money. A personal account is fee but limited.
    I have 2 accounts, one can take credit cards and pays fees, the other is a personal, no fees but limits. I use the Premier for sales and the personal for buying.
    Good luck!
  12. I think newer accounts do have a limit until you get verified. but after that you can withdraw any amount.
  13. The $500 limit is for ATM/cash/check withdrawals only. If you transfer money to your bank account through paypal, there's no limit. The money takes about 3 days to fully transfer. You never need to give paypal your SS#