Anyone with Violet/Grape and Eggplant?

  1. I am currently waitlisted for a violet first but judging by some of the pics on the forum, it looks like violet is not a million miles away from looking like Eggplant. I already have an eggplant first so I don't want to end up with two bags very similar in colour. I know that it is so hard to capture the true colour of these bags in a photo so I was just wondering if anyone has some comparison pics of violet and eggplant? I have no Bbags stockists nearby else I would take my eggplant in to compare it IRL next to the violet.

    I was hoping violet would be lighter and brighter than eggplant but someone said they thought violet was a darker purple than eggplant. :confused1: Any info will be much appreciated so I can make the decision about whether to get the violet before BALNY call me when my first comes in.
  2. Here is a pic from lovelygarments:

  3. Thanks for that. So they are definitely different then. But are they different enough to justify having firsts in both colours or should I try and get a city, work or weekender instead? I love the first size best but don't know if I would be able to pick one over the other to use. What does everyone think?
  4. I think you would be better off to get a different style in the violet, since you already have an eggplant first. Perhaps a city or a twiggy?
  5. I have eggplant and that's why I cancelled my violet. I think they are very different, but still too close to have 2 purple bags. Both are beautiful purples but I love '05 leather and no way am I ever getting rid of my eggplant since it's one of my favorite bags. It is perfection.
  6. I agree with Gwen! Get your second fave style in violet! I think they are different enough in color but at the same time both are purples on the darker side and would serve the same purpose to your outfits!
  7. I have an eggplant City and thought I would get a violet First. However after seeing the comparison pics, I also decided not to get the violet.