Anyone with TOD´s knowledge ?

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  1. Hi all,
    A girlfriend bought this TOD´s handbag in a second hand shop, they specialize in big brands but don´t offer any authentification certificate.
    And now she´s having doubts about the authenticity !
    Can you help her please, as I don´t know anything about TOD´s !??
    Thank you
    Tods7.jpg Tods4.jpg Tods3.jpg Tods8.jpg Tods2.jpg
  2. What is the bag lined with? Any Tods markings on inside?
  3. So the inside is black, apparently some sort of cotton fabric but good quality.
    But there is no logo, nothing at all.
  4. i'd say with about 75% conviction that it's not authentic.. :sad:


    this is the pic that killed it for me. the stitching looks very untidy and uneven. authentic tod's bags are fully handcrafted in italy and are known for their impeccable workmanship. the tod's bag that i own has perfect stitching - both sides of the bag are perfectly symmetrical and every stitch is exactly the same length to the naked eye. the stitching in the pic above looks machine done.


    i have my doubts about this as well. the zipper looks cheap. i read somewhere that zips in the interior of tod's bags should be wrapped in leather and have the tod's "T" embossed on it. i'm not sure if it applies across the board to all tod's bags, but the tod's bag that i own has a leather embossed T interior zipper.

    i guess the best way to tell the authenticity of a tod's bag is the look and feel of the bag itself. i don't know how to explain it, but when i have an authentic tod's bag in my hands i really feel like i'm holding a piece of luxury - impeccably crafted from the best quality leather. for this reason, i feel that tod's are seldom convincingly faked - the fakes just can't match up to the quality and craftsmanship of the authentics.

    i hope your friend manages to work something out with the shop....:flowers:
  5. ^Thank you so much for your input !! and I agree, if something doesn't feel right...
  6. I don't think it's authentic. The interior zipper pull should be leather with a stamp on it, or at least not a basic zipper pull like that one. Can't tell by the picture, but the interior should have a Tods stamp as well. What really throws me off is the stitching detail on both sides- the little two "squares" that it has-not quite right. Tods is also known for stamping all over it's hardware-oftentimes on the buckle, etc.
  7. OK, this is def. a fake. I totally understand what you mean.
    Thank you very much for her !!
  8. Yes...a definite fake...Tod's always has logo inside of bag, typically in leather.
  9. 100% FAKE! TOD'S always have metal Lampo zippers. The stitching is very poor, TOD'S are hand stitched, not sloppy like that.
  10. I have a Tod's that I bought in Milan... There is TOD'S stamped inside above the zipper, stamping again on the side of the hardware that holds the shoulder strap and the actual bag and a big T on the rivets (silver nails). My best friend who lives in Hong Kong, she always buys second hand designer bags and she does have the card of authenticity from the first purchase. Sorry to say... I think you got a fake. I don't know how to post up pics of my Tod for you to see...
  11. Oh... and it came with a Tod's dust bag even for a second hand one.
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