Anyone with these woven pieces?

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  1. These new (I think) pieces really caught my eye. Anyone have them in real life? I think the red one also comes in green.
    RM woven MAC.jpg RM woven tote.jpg Mab Mini Bombe Metallic Leather & Tweed.jpg
  2. I think they are cute and have been seeing them around on diff sites.
    The mam comes in orange as well. :smile: great for Halloween!
  3. Oh are they orange? I thought they were red.
  4. I don't have any of those pieces but I have the woven affair. Love the style of the affair itself. And its a beautiful bag but I just don't know if I can pull off the pattern. So I haven't even taken the tags off!

  5. I love the Bombe... What color is it?
  6. i like the bombe and the tote (but without the tassels). would love to see more pictures/a reveal.
  7. I was confused at first too...but it seems as if there are both. I am waiting to see if the MAC comes in the black/orange combo like the burgundy does. :smile:
  8. Ooh thank you! :smile:
  9. The green and black MAM from ebags. Still deciding on whether to keep it or not.
    image-1120899731.jpg image-997838762.jpg
  10. Very pretty! Is the back woven also?
  11. No, just the front.
  12. How is the weight?
  13. I saw these at Bloomingdales in Soho today but didn't think to take any snapshots. Sorry.
  14. Pretty light, like most of her more recent bags. The leather is slightly glossy,more "refined."