Anyone with Theda?

  1. Hi, does anyone happen to have both a Theda GM and PM?? Very unlikely, but thought I'd ask. I'm trying to see how big of a size difference the 2 bags are. Will the Theda PM fit a PTI wallet, cell phone, among other things? It should be a lot bigger than a pochette right? I saw a Theda in person but not sure what size it was. I'm leaning towards the GM but huge price difference between that and PM. Any pics or comments would help greatly. Thanks!
  2. I only have the GM, but I do remember the PM in the store and it was so tiny. As it is the GM isn't what I'd consider a big bag, so if space is an issue, get the GM. The PM really is small and not that useable.
  3. My aunt has a mono PM- it's pretty small: she can fit a wallet and the neccesities but it's impossible to overload it without stuff spilling out.
  4. Get the GM. The PM is really tiny. The GM isn't all that big either. It is a cute bag, but not very practical. The buckle is a pain so I just reach in the sides. I also don't like the way someone can just reach in it since it doesn't close all the way.
  5. There´s this gorgeous golden theda at a finnish auction site. It´s tdf. I just don´t want too many handheld bags. Get the bigger one.
  6. I love the Theda...It is such a gorgeous bag....I dont have any issues with the buckle....its gorgeous...
  7. I have the Theda MC white. I don't use the buckle, I just pop things in and out of the sides.
  8. Get the GM!!! ...I've had it's not that big - the PM is VERY petit :sad:
  9. Thank you for everyone's help and opinions! I will most probably get the white MC Theda GM, but still looking around for a brand new one. I just cannot get over my fear of buying a used purse...:sweatdrop: It really is a gorgeous purse, esp in the white MC, :love: so wish me luck finding one! :smile: