Anyone with the Navy Polka Dots Collection

  1. I know there is another Coarsaire on here but don't know who's it is and if there are any bowly's.

    Anyway I just wanted to let you know the blue on the handles of my Corsaire is cracking and flaking off. I only noticed it on the way to Vuitton and I left it with them so I'm sorry I don't have pics but this is a pic from new so no damage yet I have added arrows to show you where to look on yours. You can't miss it it comes through bright white

    My store is checking into it to see what can be done I'll keep you posted
    where to look.jpg
  2. Oh no I'm so sorry to hear that Claire...I hope your baby gets fixed or replace...that is ridiculous! Not even three months? Two? Four? and already cracking...
  3. ^ I know maybe 2-3 months I think I've only used it about 4-5 times
  4. Probably because even without your stuff inside the bag is SO heavy already...I played around with it in HK and I could not believe how HEAVY the bag was!!
  5. :yes: it is really heavy I didn't really carry that much in it so it is just from the weight of the bag Beyonce's must be wrecked her handles always look like they are stretched out
  6. hope you'll get it fixed soon!
  7. Claire that is so frustrating! I hope LV can fix the problem soon so you can get back to enjoying your bag.
  8. I hope that your bag gets fixed soon! So annoying, esp. when the bag isn't that old!
  9. there are a couple of options it could just need the handles replaced and they may be able to do that here, or it may need to go to Paris or the may replace the bag I don't really want a replacement because that's my bag KWIM
  10. Oh wow! That scares me because my mother has the bowly. I hope it gets fixed. How awful!
  11. oh my,,, I think Amour has one too..? I hope it gets fixed though..
  12. wow i cant believe sorry this happened
  13. So sorry this happened to your baby :crybaby:
  14. how horrible. hopefully they will be willing to replace the bag!
  15. good luck ! hope everything goes smoothly...