Anyone with the large bubble quilt flap?

  1. For those of you with the largest bubble quilt flap (the one for $3150), would you be able to post pics of it on your shoulder? I've tried on the medium sized flap and it's ok on me but am wondering if I would like the large one better. I'm on the petite side and I love big bags but am wondering if it's TOO big on me! Also, does the large one come in dark brown or only in the dark beige/olive color? Thanks for any help!
  2. I know it comes in dark brown as well because I have tried it on IRL. However I have no pictures for you:sad:...... check the reference thread...

  3. I ordered one, but went with the smaller size in the end. I am a big bag person, but I found it too bulky -- not necessarily too big. Does that make sense? Between the puffy bag and the puffy flap, and having things in the bag, it seemed to stick out too much from my body. I wish now I had considered and searched for a large version of the shoulder bag style, which I think exists. It is a flatter bag. But this is just one opinion. The bag I got is on the small side for me, but retains all the bubble quilt cuteness.
  4. Thanks ladies! I've only seen pics of the largest flap in the dark beige and green colors so I wasn't sure if the dark brown exists. Anyone has any modeling pics of the large flap on the shoulder...?