Anyone with the Illovo MM...

  1. Anyone own the Illovo MM...what is it like? do you love it? any pics wearing it.........:flowers:
  2. I had it. It gave off color transfer alot worse than my speedy infact. I exchanged it for the papillon which I know you love. It was ok, it wasn't a spectacular bag.
  3. Its very cute, IMHO. I have NEVER seen a knockoff which is cool:smile:
  4. The price of the bag isn't too bad but, it is not a papillon...
  5. I have been kind of interested in this bag...Thanks for this thread.
  6. I tried one on IRL and found that it was too bulky against the body. Also the top didn't push down quite right. Instead of buying it, I bought the Marais.
  7. Yeah, the shape does sometimes looks awkward depending on how full the bag is.
  8. I'm really interested in this bag, and the Illovo in the other size also. Does anyone have a picture with them wearing the bag?
  9. I had considered this bag in the boutique last week, but ended up with the IpanemaPM (for my Mom, for x-mas, shhh);)
  10. Gelber girl, what made you change your mind?

    I'm assuming this isn't a popular bag. The price seems good though!
  11. I love the shape, but in fact I find it too expensive...:/
  12. went with the PH is more me and the straps are adjustable and infact because I am tall it can also be a hand held bag or shoulder...does it get any better than that...check out the PH I highly recommend it!
  13. LVPug, we have the same taste in bags, LOL. I too, have a LH, PH, mono speedy 30 and pochette acc.
  14. Did anyone ever tell you that you have GREAT taste?? Well you do...excellent choices!!!!!!!Great minds think alike!!!
  15. ^lol:smile: