Anyone with the Ellipse?

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  1. I tried this bag on (the PM) and actually ordered it from Elux. I love the shape and lines of it---it seems different yet classic.

    However, I am second-guessing myself and wondering about the usefulness of the bag.

    Anyone with this bag--do you love it and use it?

  2. Ellipse was my first LV, back in college, ordered from the NM Christmas Book, I think they had just come out then, I think that's the regular size, maybe medium now? I have since passed it to my Mom, but it's a great bag, very pretty and you can get a lot in there. I actually wouldn't mind getting the big Ellipse, I saw it on display at LV-gorgeous. Anyways, I think you'll enjoy it!
  3. I saw someone with a special order ellipse in black epi. It's very classic and great if you don't like logos. But I feel that this bag is one of those where i would actually get the original mono (which i don't usually do) since the fine workmanship really stands out and it accentuates the unique shape really well. Beautiful bag! It's extremely roomy as well and you can get the shoulder straps if you want to!
  4. Hi, I own in PM, MM ( from Let-Trade ) & Shopping size with long straps. My fave is in MM but they all usefull & in unique shape, won't be the old fashioned even my sista carried her everyday
  5. I am thinking of getting the shopping size! Love the shape!
  6. I have the PM and DH thinks it is one of the nicest bags that LV has ever produced - I have to agree!
  7. I'm DYING for an ellipse!! I have been for a few years now, I just always end up buying other bags instead! I might have to start fundraising for this one!
    I've seen it 3x in person, the PM model and I LOVE the way it looks!
  8. I love this bag. It's my favorite handheld. It's lightweight and holds a ton. (I have the PM).


    This is one of my favorite bags. Infact, she may come out with me today.

    I didn't get the strap though, I didn't like the way the handles hung when I used it that way and it felt weird cross-body.
  9. Very cute handbag.
  10. I have the PM Ellipse and love it! Very classy and different.
  11. This was a purchase that was influenced by our Irene. Glad I made the purchase the bag is great. I love carrying it, its different and i havent seen another around. :smile: