Anyone with the east west mitzy?

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  1. I was keind of looking into the bayswater but after renting it, it wasn't for me. I tried on the east west mitzy and it was really comfy and cute. I don't like the bigger size but i am affraid the east west will be to small. Modeling pics and what's in yout purse pics highly appreciated.:biggrin:
  2. Hi,

    I have an east west Mitzy......... I can't post pics as I don't have a camera at the moment but it is very spacious bag. I found the large Mitzy hobo too big for me and the medium too small so the e/w is a nice compromise. I think that there are some modelling pics somewhere on the catwalk or Mitzy reference thread?
    It also has the added bonus of a messenger strap which I love.
  3. thank you. There aren't really any modeling pics of the east west. I see you also have bayswaters, how would you say the size compares to the bays. i love how comfy it is on the shoulder and it can be dressed up or down.

    I always have;

    a big wallet
    an LV pochette
    larger make up bag

    water bottle
    a book/magazine

  4. I would say that width wise it's the same size as the bays. The Mitzy is big enough to hold all the things you've mentioned.

    There's a pic of the leopard e/w on this thread

    I thought that someone had taked modelling pics with a black e/w but I can't seem to find the thread, sorry!
  5. Agree with shopaholic mum. The Grape Leopard E/W mitzy on the link is mine!
    I've fitted pretty much everything that you have listed into it all at once. I am a big fan of the Mitzy - both the medium and the E/W. I love the way it fits snuggly under my arm.

    Have fun deciding!
  6. i haven't got one but i would love one! From trying it on in the shop, i'd say it would fit quite a lot!
  7. thanks ladies